Double Cukes and Corn Dogs

July 12th, 2008

Busy doings outside these days, with so much just growing and growing.  We’ve been lucky to have rain almost every week, especially for the garden and the bees.  I’ve heard this is one of the best years many beekeepers can remember in our area and that the “honeyflow” is nice and long from the rain and cooler weather. 
Double cucumberWe found a funny “double cucumber” in the garden the other day. Now how do you suppose it grew like this? It’s still in the fridge while I wonder what I can do with it. Maybe I could put it on ebay :)

And the blackberries have really started ripening, so we picked a couple quarts already.  I’m just amazed- we haven’t had any berries the past couple of years, but with the bees this year there’s a bunch of wild berries in places I’d never seen before.  Maybe it’s also the rain this year.  But we need to pick some more soon! And anybody have a good blackberry pie recipe?

Wild blackberries in July


The green beans have done so well this year we’ve been putting up a bunch in the freezer. Time to pick more cucumbers now too, and maybe pickles soon? The garden is great but next year it needs to be bigger!  I say that now, and we hardly keep up with it.  I’m always amazed at how much room the plants can use though. 

 We dug up some potatoes for the first time and they were delicious.  Never grew potatoes before, but it was pretty easy, and they didn’t take up too much room.  I was surprised how fast the little guys grew. 

Corn growing Basset Hound

Also had our first ear of home-grown corn yesterday. It wasn’t too big, but some critters had started munching the top so it was time to pick. It sure was tasty though!

Here’s our corn-growing Basset Hound. Oh wait! I’m told this is our CORN DOG! He’s really our garden dog, and likes to follow us around and hang out wherever we are. He’s the good ‘ole man of the place, going on 11 years now.
Of course it’s kind of hard to grow corn on top of the dog. But he likes the attention, especially getting watered on hot days.

We may have to find somewhere else to grow it next year though. There’s just not enough space!

5 Responses to “Double Cukes and Corn Dogs”

  1. Be warned, the war has just begun because that is what it takes to protect sweet corn from the ravenges of raccoons.

    Nothing but two strawberries from our garden this year so far. Our cucumber was planted way to late due to the wet spring and still has a lot of growing before it can bloom. The tomatoes have a few green ones now the size of my thumb. Still lots of growing left to do and of course, it is overcast and raining up here today.

  2. Please, please, please leave the puns (especially the corny ones) to the Florida Cracker. Okay?

  3. Racoons huh?… I’ve seen a few but not in the corn yet. I’ll get th trap out… Our tomatoes have been green too because of the cool wet weather, but are finally starting to turn. Pulled off a BIG tomato hornworm today… gave it to the lab and he chomped it up, yuck! :) After last year’s droughty weather, I’ll take this one though.

  4. Florida Cracker? Lost me… must be a blog or someone. It was corny indeed :)

  5. misiubest

    please stop teasing this poor dog he look’s very tired :(

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