Thorny Notes

July 17th, 2008

I’ve been watching for thistle plants this summer too. They always come each year, whether by seeds floating through the air or by birds I don’t know.  But these are the gigantic five foot tall versions with big purple flowers on the top, if you let them get that far.  They’re kind of pretty, but if they become established you’ll have a mass of thorny vegetation that doesn’t do much good for anybody.  It can ruin a good hayfield, so I walk around digging them out when I see them.   I kept walking past a few small ones last month making a mental note to come back (which I promptly forgot about) and finally remembered to go dig them out this week.  They had not flowered yet, but were four feet tall already. 

Digging out tall thistle plants

The picture by the shovel shows their size, but look at the thorns on these dudes below!  They’re so sharp they go right through leather gloves. 

Thorny thistle plant

I was also driving by a field a half mile away and noticed a whole crop of these things near the shoulder of the road.  The man that lived there passed away last year, and the property is for sale.  If I get around to it, maybe I’ll stop by and try dig those thistles out.  Need to add that to my list…

5 Responses to “Thorny Notes”

  1. I’ve got a ditch full of those things. That’s why God granted me children: To send ’em in to clear out thistles in the ditch.


  2. That reminds me, I have two or three in my yard to dig out. I mow them off so they never seed or grow as big as yours but I hate stepping on one barefoot which I have done before in the past.

  3. Ha! :) One of these days. He goes with me, but is still learning… I do like the “mow it over” approach if I can reach them. And you actually stepped on one?! Ouch!

  4. Devika

    great work I have seen many of these plants in Croatian fields and gardens

  5. Devika- Really? We all have thorns in our “sides” at times, huh? Thanks for your comment and visit :)

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