Summer Fun at the Pond

July 23rd, 2008

In many places it’s a rite of passage for kids to go fishing in the summer.   With a nearby pond, fishing can be a simple pleasure on a summer evening.  It doesn’t have to be the normally complex undertaking with boats, tackle boxes and all kinds of other stuff.  Instead, we found a long cane pole, a hook, a bobber and dug up a few worms.   

The boy worked at putting the worm on the hook, but it was kind of small so I tried to help.  Of course I didn’t have my glasses with me so I wasn’t much help, and he did it on his own.  Then with wriggling worm he threw the line and bobber into the water, sitting on a stump to wait.   After a few minutes… “Bloop!” the bobber was pulled under…  “I got one!” he yells excitedly, as he pulls a big bluegill out of the water.  And then again a little later, “I got another one!” this time pulling a bass out of the water.

Boy a Labrador and a Bass

The yellow lab was entranced by these flopping critters the boy pulled out,  We threw the fish back and the dog tried to jump in the water after them!    Now that would be a trick… retrieving fish.   I think somewhere in the history of the Labrador Retriever they used to be fishing dogs, swimming out to bring back fish that had fallen out of nets.   But on this night he was just a companion, watching the boy’s excitement and wonder at catching fish.

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  1. There is nothing better than watching your kids catch blue gill. It can occupy them happily for hours, even if they’re catching the same fish over and over again.


  2. We always had to leave our golden retriever/lab at home because he loved to swim and fetch the bobbers floating on the surface.

  3. I can still remember fishing trips like that as a kid with my grandparents in Kentucky. Pure gold!

  4. He would still be at it if I didn’t drag him in… and I’m glad we’re not alone with the dog, it’s just fun to have him there. It was gold indeed, and he was so proud of himself!

  5. teco

    Fantastic and fun website! What a magnificent find!!! I am pretty sure the tiny “insect” nest in your photo is actually a humming bird nest. Our neighbor, who is a certified wildlife conservator, shared an abandoned nest with our local kids a few years ago. It greatly resembled the one in your photo. As I recall, it was tiny, made of thistle or milkweed down, held together with cobweb and humming bird spittle, and wrapped in leaves.
    The female lays only two eggs, each about the size of a “tic tac,” and the first tiny (and appallingly unlovely) hatchling pushes the second egg out of the nest, to increase its own tenuous chances of survival. Thank you for sharing this incredible find! Warmest Regards, Teco

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