Cool Rain and Green in July

July 25th, 2008

This year is so different from the last, especially in the amount of rainfall we’ve had.  Even with a cooler, wet spring we expected the summer to become very dry as in previous years.   And for a while it was, but now we’re actually going on for a third day of rain and cool temperatures in the last week of July. 

A Canna leaf is covered by drops of rain.

Potted Canna leaf in the rain

The cool is so refreshing and the ground is saturated once again in mid-summer.  And unlike years past, the pond is actually full!  In most years at this time the water is nearly five feet down.  I wonder if this will increase the populations of fish and other aquatic life?

In late afternoon the summer landscape is often painted in light and shadow.

Fox Haven pond on a summer afternoon

 The plants and trees also benefit greatly from the moisture. We’ve probably lost 5-6 smaller oak trees in recent years from drought stress and insect damage.  Yet perhaps this year’s rainfall will help many of the rest.   And usually by this time of summer we don’t need to cut the grass nearly as much as it dries out and turns brown.  Now it’s still green and growing.  

With the moisture fostering grass and flower growth, I think the bees will find more pollen and nectar available throughout summer and early fall.   We haven’t seen such an abundance of wild blackberries before, due both to the bees as well as the rainfall this year.  They’re not very large as blackberries go, but “they make good eatin!”

Wild Blackberry patch

4 Responses to “Cool Rain and Green in July”

  1. Of course, the downside to the rain is all the grass cutting I have to do.



  2. Beautiful images, especially the pond in the late afternoon – a tranquil scene. I sympathize with the green and growing grass, however. It’s rainy season here in Panama and the grass grows faster than we can keep up with it.

  3. R. Sherman beat me to my comment.

  4. R. Oh the grass cutting… sometimes it’s like meditation, right? […thinking positively…]; And Hi Mary! Thanks for stopping by… Rainy season in Panama? Not so far, but feels worlds away. I haven’t kept up with it either, and it looks like neither has Ed! :)

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