A Cool Morning in August

August 12th, 2008

There are few things like coming home.  The familiar, the comfortable, all the sights and sounds and… the work to do!    We’ve been blessed with cool weather this summer, and for being almost mid-August it’s amazing to see the grass and landscape so green.   In years past the grass would be brown and not require cutting by now.   But it’s beautiful in the early morning, especially with the air so cool and refreshing.

I walked down to the pond and enjoyed watching the wisps of fog move gently across the warmer water.   What is it about mornings that I love so much?  The quiet awakening of the day?  The promise of things to come?  I really don’t know, but its always been my favorite time of day.

The pond on a summer morning

Our little apple orchard seems to be doing well, meaning that the trees have received enough water and the deer haven’t chewed them to pieces this summer.  That may change quickly in the fall, but for now I’m spraying deer repellant around the leaves and base of the trees to discourage the deer from browsing.  The next plan is to wrap the trunks and install some fencing to protect the little trees.   We even have a few apples developing still, the first for a small apple tree planted two years ago.  I’m not sure who will get to eat this apple first, us or the deer… but it looks pretty good!

Home grown apple

For now it’s time to catch up on chores (and writing and reading too).  It was interesting to be without internet access for much of our trip the past two weeks.  Sure I missed the convenience and instant information available, yet it brought back awareness of simpler times and was kind of nice to just “be” if that makes any sense.  More to ponder, but while I do the garden is still producing a bunch of tomatoes and cucumbers, and even a few beans.  It’s about time to put up some pickles again too!

3 Responses to “A Cool Morning in August”

  1. Welcome back.

    I love the photo of your pond. I can see that watching it would cause one’s mental detritus to float away like those wisps of fog.

    When I leave on vacation, I never take a computer or access any electronic communication device. I’ve found that if people know you’re reachable, whether via e-mail or cell or whatever, they will find some reason why their problem is a crisis of the highest order and necessitates interrupting my time away.

    Life’s too short, as they say.


  2. Welcome back.

    Ditto R. Sherman’s remarks. I even go so far as to leave my watch at home. I keep track of the days with my journal. I eat when I’m hungry and sleep when I’m tired. I spent a month away while boating the Grand Canyon and found that I didn’t miss not having a watch or any information at all. I’m contemplating doing the same thing when I retire.

  3. Hi guys, I appreciate the comments. Had not thought of it that way, but it was so refreshing to leave everything behind. A month Ed? Wow, must have been an amazing time. Now it’s time to rejoin the “reachable society”… :)

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