That Dam Time Again

August 14th, 2008

It was finally time for the job I’ve been avoiding all summer.  Damn.  Or dam I should say.  The pond’s dam. Well  the particular form of the word depends on what I’m doing at the time!   Although the pond is only about one and half acres, it’s built on a long, sloping hollow and is fairly deep.  Which means the dam is fairly large and steep for a pond this size.  And with a small pond or lake it’s important to keep the dam relatively clear of brush and trees if possible, to help maintain its integrity over time.   The last couple of years I cut it twice during the year, but I think one time is fine this year (’cause I don’t want to do it again!).  August is a good time since it’s usually a little drier, and after clearing the taller weeds and brush the grass will have time to grow back during fall.

So out came the brush cutting machine and a few muscles I forgot I had.  I was surprised there were a half-dozen small oak and black cherry trees starting to grow just from this year alone.  I’ve learned the hard way to let the machine do the work, going side-to-side only near the top and then mostly up and down at angles. If it wasn’t so steep I would use the tractor, but I can’t think of a better way to do it.

Cutting the pond dam with a brush mower

It takes a few hours and a few bottles of water, but looks so much better when finished.  I’ll go back to that center area with a weed cutter. The ground was a little softer and I didn’t want to tear up the surface soil.   But this should keep the dam in good shape for another year.  Who’s that standing at the top?  Come winter he’ll be sledding down in the snow.

Grassy pond dam after cutting

Feels good to be finished with it for another year, and now we’re heading out this weekend to go on a short canoeing trip.  An end-of-summer hurrah! before school starts next week.  Hard to believe it’s already time for the kids to go back.  Pretty soon we’ll be busy into the fall and so much more, but right now there’s a trout looking for a pan somewhere and I’m going to do my best to find him!

4 Responses to “That Dam Time Again”

  1. Congrats on finishing a no-fun chore. Have fun on the float.


  2. I don’t suppose I can persuade you to come mow my dam too. It’s a little bigger. And a little steeper.

  3. Looks like hot work to me. Up here, we generally don’t have many trees invade so every two or three years with a pair of loppers works just fine. Generally we do that in late fall when the weather is nice and cool.

  4. Found that pan-sized rainbow… A bigger, steeper dam? I don’t know how you do it Pablo! Late fall sure is right for the big chores Ed. I just wanted the bigger stuff cut now. But there’s some trees and firewood to cut still :)

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