Homework for All of Us

August 20th, 2008

It’s been a week for catching up, as the price paid for being away. Not a bad trade really, especially with the beautiful weather we’ve been having. And the young boy is now a second grader, just starting this week. Many children are going back to school already, and all across the nation parents are breathing a collective sigh of relief! Hard to believe he’s growing up so fast though, but he really likes school. I wonder how long that will last?! We had a such a great time canoeing last weekend. A gravel bar and a rope swing provided lots of fun in the afternoon.

Rope swing over river in Missouri

But it’s time again for homework!  So far the days have been busy with grass cutting, an overgrown garden and too many weeds. I must have picked about 5 pounds of tomatoes, a sackful of cucumbers and a couple pounds of green beans.  I hope the tomatoes and beans keep coming, but the cucumbers are just too much!  It’s time again for pickles though, so that’s another something for the list.   What do you do with cucumbers to keep them fresh longer?

I’m not sure how it feels where  you live, but fall is in the air around here.  The light just seems different, and the walnut tree leaves are turning yellow and falling to the ground.  Not to mention the morning temperatures are in the high 50’s and low 60’s.  That’s very unusual for August in Missouri, and we may get through a whole summer without hitting 100 degrees F.    My kind of weather.

It also means it’s wood-cutting time again too.  I cut up and hand-split several oak trees over the past couple of years, after which my forearms were destroyed for several months.  This year there are 3 trees on the ground and those 3-4 more that I need to cut down.  So I’m contemplating buying a wood splitter.  I don’t like the idea of having another engine to maintain, but if we’re going to cut up trees and burn wood, that will be a big help.  We’ll see… for now, we can enjoy the last weeks of summer.

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  1. Great photo!

    Our planned float trip a couple of weeks ago went the way of all flesh because of a rain induced “surge” on the Current. My wife was hesitant as she hasn’t floated in a while and didn’t want to risk swamping a boat with my younger son in it.

    Oh well. Maybe later in the Fall.


  2. Pickling or giving them away seem to be the best forms of preservation of cukes up here. This is great for me as I’ve been pickling cukes that were given to me to supplement my meager supply from one plant that didn’t do very well.

    My parent’s walnut tree is loosing its leaves to but we certainly haven’t seen any 50 F mornings up here yet. Mostly it barely gets into the upper 60’s at night. Of course, we are getting plenty of rain. It’s raining right now.

    I always hand split my wood which isn’t my primary source of heat until I ran into a pile of silver maple which resisted all my beatings that I lashed upon it with a mall. I rented a small wood splitter and fell madly in love with it. If I were going to have wood as a primary source of heat, I would own a hydraulic splitter, no doubt about it.

  3. Bummer about the trip R.S. but I know what you mean. With the dog and boy, I’m pretty careful too. We went to the Eleven Point; a little farther, but pretty good fishing and a nice, easy float. Think I need to do some more pickling too Ed; and thanks for the insight on the splitter. Wood is almost our primary source, we burn it every day with electric back-up for when the wood fire doesn’t keep up. Here comes another small engine… :)

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