Purple Daze with August Grapes

August 23rd, 2008

I thought it was Thursday yesterday, so I’m already a day behind this week.  We’ve had a good bit of rain and the landscape is lush and green.  So different from years past, but a nice change.  The grape arbor is the story of the month however.  Two main vines have produced tons of Concord grapes that ripened so quickly they are falling to the ground.  We managed to pick and freeze 8 pounds of them the other day, and there are still many more grapes on the vines.

Concord Grapes

It takes some time to pick and then pull the grapes off the stems.  But it may be worth it; grape jelly anyone?  Have to find a recipe for it somewhere.  They taste and smell great, but do have chunky seeds inside.  My goal is to make a Concord Grape pie from them.  I’ve found a few recipes that make it sound very tedious to pull the skins off and then cook and strain the grapes to remove the seeds.  But I’ve also found one that uses a food mill after cooking down the grapes, removing the seeds during the milling process.  We’ll have to see how it works out. 

You know what would be really neat?  To try making wine from the grapes.  Anyone ever tried that before?  That may be next year’s project, and I’ll learn more about it this winter.   For now it’s time to get out there and pick more grapes!

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  1. I think wine involves stepping in a tub of grapes for about 10 hours. Beyond that, I have no idea.


  2. Beautiful theme. Grapes yum almost as good as figs.

    Just what part of Missouri are you writing from?

  3. Hi R. Stepping in a tub of grapes… I seem to remember an I Love Lucy episode about that. Don’t have that many grapes (fortunately!), but there’s got to be an easier way? Hi Onedia, we’re on the east side really, I like to think the northern fringe of the Ozarks; Not quite where you are :)

  4. I don’t have any grapes myself but I remember my mom used to make canned grape juice when I was just a lad. I have no idea how but it was done in quart jars and when you wanted some, you pored it through the strainer to remove the handful of grapes floating on the top. No preservatives or sugars added. It was always so delicious!

  5. My father tried to make wine one time. The goo got moldy. I don’t think he drank any of it.

  6. Grape juice! Good idea… and moldy wine? I hope to do better than goo… :)

  7. Hi, I make a dry crisp wine from Concords. It’s an aromatic wine that smells like wild strawberries and flowers. If you would like to read about it check out this page: https://hybridwines.blogspot.com/2008/03/2007-dry-oaked-concord.html


  8. Hi Paul- Just saw your note. Thanks for the link and stopping by!

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