Life and Ice Cream Dreams

August 31st, 2008

Why is it we surround ourselves with living things?   No matter where we choose to live, we seek life in the world around us.  We join with others to begin families, develop friendships and seek things greater than ourselves that inspire us and fire the imagination of the soul.

Sometimes it’s the simple things, and we choose kittens or other creatures to share our lives with.

Kitten drinking milk

Maybe we just appreciate the life that exists in the world, and go see it when we can.  Life is pretty simple when you think about it.  For all that we do, life is really about growth.  And age doesn’t matter.  What happens when something stops growing?   Can something stop growing and still be alive?  I don’t think so, at least not very long. 

Bullfrog at the pond

Sometimes we seek life in growing plants and flowers, and find joy in nature’s abundance.  Whatever choices we make in our lives, we yearn for something more, we seek to make our lives, and the lives around us, matter in some way.  It may be with fame and fortune, or it may be with simple moments and small kindnesses.

Sunflower and a butterfly

A few months ago one of our favorite ice cream stores closed at a nearby small town.  It was run by a family dairy for decades, and the patriarch of the family had passed away.  He could be seen quite often sitting behind the counter, smiling at customers who loved this home-made goodness.   It was his dairy, his ice cream store, and his life.   After he was gone the rest of the family didn’t want to continue operating the ice cream store and it closed.  But I still see his smile when I think of the times we visited, and the smile on my father’s face when he got one of those cones.  I’ve yet to find a butter-pecan quite the same.  What was so special about that place?   I don’t know.  Maybe it was sharing it with family, maybe it was the quaint little store, or maybe it was the ice cream.  Maybe it was all of that and more.

There are many chapters in our lives that close for one reason or another too.  But we don’t stop looking for more.  That seeking and questioning during the journey of our lives is part of our growth, even in the midst of our greatest confusion and challenges.   However complex we try to make it, life is simply about living. 

And maybe life is a little like ice cream too.  So many flavors, so many choices…  Now, what kind of life do you want to have? 

4 Responses to “Life and Ice Cream Dreams”

  1. Nicely said.

    I always find it sad to see people who have seemingly reached the end of their dreams. I wonder whether they just lack imagination, hope, or whatever. Yes, we get older. Yes, our hopes and dreams change. But we must evolve too and always find new challenges; new strivings. If we don’t, the end will be near I fear.


  2. For me it was Rebecca’s which was gramatically incorrectly named ice cream shop about thirty miles away and on the opposite side of town as where I needed to be. But the strawberry milk shakes with real strawberries were to die for. It has been closed for probably twenty years now and I’ve yet to have a milkshake and not think of Rebecca’s. I expect I’ve got thirty more years left of thinking about it too because I doubt I’ll ever find one to match it.

  3. New strivings… I like that R. I’ve always had too many dreams perhaps. ;) Rebecca’s Ed? Thanks for sharing a great memory. There must be a lot of folks with similar memories, shops closed, treats as a kid. I’d love to hear more of them.

  4. This is one to print and put on the refrigerator and to hand out to folks like some missionary on behalf of Life.

    As for me, I will continue to eat the ice cream that is on my plate (and my plate is always full of ice cream).

    Thanks for a wonderful mix of words and photographs.

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