Rain Coming, Bees are Busy

September 3rd, 2008

 The week has been very hot, but now the cooler weather arrives.  Both a cold front and the remnants from hurricane Gustav are converging in Missouri, and we expect several inches or more of rain tonight and tomorrow.   We need the rain but not too much!  I was able to spread another 20 tons of gravel on the driveway behind the house.   In the spring, the rainfall washed out much of the driveway and slope leading back towards the pond and woods.  I’ve been waiting for a nice dry week to spread it, and get the giant dumptruck back there.  Just in time for the rain, but the gravel should help slow down the velocity of the water.  At least it won’t be nearly as muddy!

Here’s one of the honeybees gathering pollen from a Japanese Anemone flower.  Look at all that pollen on her leg!  They are also all over the sedum plants, but other than that I’m not sure what flowers they are visiting right now.  Goldenrod should be a major pollen source for them in the early fall, but what else?

Honeybee and Japanese Anemone flower

But the bees have been very busy, and I’m sure they sense the changing daylight and the autumn season coming fast.  If they make enough honey for winter, we may get to steal a little from them this year before the cold comes.  Keep working bees!

4 Responses to “Rain Coming, Bees are Busy”

  1. It looks like this summer will be the first on record for me where I’ve had to cut the grass every weekend. I was so hoping for a dry spell to give me a weekend off.


  2. We’ve already got the cold front with the high today forecasted to be in the low 70’s! It’s been a mild summer but still, what a treat! Of course, your rain is coming up this way slated for late tonight or tomorrow morning.

    The vast majority of fall honey up here was goldenrod. You can tell by the taste and smell because it is very distinctive and much stronger flavored than the milder spring honeys. I’m sure they find other blooms here and there but it really never showed. Even our bees in a wooded area would pack on the goldenrod though it was a long ways to be found.

  3. Same here for the grass R. Of course I just bugged out for a couple weeks, and came back to tall grass and weeds. :) I’m looking forward to that cool weather Ed- the cloud cover has helped a lot today. And I’ll try to look for that goldenrod honey flavor. I haven’t learned about the various honey flavors really, but that’s something to look forward to!

  4. I prefer the light delicate taste of white clover myself. Goldenrod is strong, really strong when compared to white clover. I prefer using the goldenrod for cooking and the clover for my biscuits. Fruit pollen honeys can also have some distinctive tastes.

    When traveling around, I almost always buy a jar of local honey for a taste. Cactus honeys are really good I’ve found.

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