Awake at Dawn on a New Day

September 6th, 2008

 I’ve always found a sense of quiet joy in watching the sun rise in the early morning. Not that I’ve always been up that early, but when I am it’s like a special show that I’m privileged to see. I find myself up early more often these days.  Don’t ask me why, but I’ve always bought into the old axiom about each day being the first day of the rest of your life.  I really believe it.  Every day is new, and presents a chance to see and experience life in so many different ways.  

 Morning in America

Maybe we’ve found that much of our life was spent with other pursuits where we didn’t have the ability to walk outside on a quiet morning with a cup of coffee, and watch the world wake up.   And at some point in our lives many of us awake to the sobering reality that there may fewer days ahead of us than there are behind us, or that others will never have the opportunity we have to enjoy that special morning.  Yes, that’s just part of life, but it does lend a certain sense of value to each day, and for me, each morning.  

Maybe when we see the sun rise, it just feels good to take a breath of fresh air and be part of the awakening of the world around us.  It can even be a humbling experience where we begin to understand our place in the world.  If you haven’t seen the sun rise lately why not give it a try?  Wake up early and get a good cup of coffee or tea.  Find a place where you can sit outside and listen to the sounds of the world as the sky changes color.  Sometimes those sounds and colors reveal things you haven’t thought of for a very long time.  Sometimes those mornings bring change and awakening.  Sometimes they’re just simple mornings, and you’re sleepy, but you’ve shared a few peaceful moments to prepare for the day.  Your day.  A new day.

3 Responses to “Awake at Dawn on a New Day”

  1. I’m a morning person and my ritual includes going out back on all but the coldest days just to soak in the quiet. Good for the soul, it is.


  2. I only get to see the sun come up rarely. Not because I’m not up yet but mostly because I’m already at work when it comes up. Only during the heart of summer do I get to see it come up in my rear view mirror as I am driving to work. But the advantage to all this is that I get off while people are still at work and enjoy my time alone then.

  3. I guess I’m that morning person too R., and you’re right Ed, many folks don’t have a chance to enjoy a still, quiet sunrise very often. I imagine you had a few early mornings on the farm years ago! I think it’s good to find time once in a while though.

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