Rest Stop for Waterfowl

September 27th, 2008

An early morning the other day and two large flocks of Canada Geese decided to visit the pond.  They were obviously heading somewhere, and only stayed for a short while.  I think I counted over fifty-five geese, honking and chattering as they landed with a splash.  I walked down the hill and they looked at me as if I was intruding on their rest-stop!

Canada Geese landing on Fox Haven Pond

The geese look so awkward as they begin to land, paddling with their feet and flapping their wings.  But then they quickly settle into the water, tucking their wings back in and heads erect, regaining their composure.

Canada Geese settling on the water

Soon we may see a few more ducks and geese and leaves on the water!  The leaves have begun to change color and fall off the trees.  Autumn is here.


4 Responses to “Rest Stop for Waterfowl”

  1. So that’s where the geese went. Last time I saw them they were flying south over my place!

  2. I think I’m too close to the big Corps of Engineer’s lake to ever get any great rafts of waterbirds on my little lake. I see occasional evidence of visits though: droppings and feathers.

  3. Just hope they don’t stay. They make a huge mess in large numbers and can become aggressively protective of their territory. We’ve got a problem around here at several office parks where they’ve taken over small ponds.


  4. Funny Ed! They are moving now; Pablo/R. I hope not to have any residents… fought them off a year or two ago, and glad they haven’t stayed! Hmmm… maybe some would stay for dinner?!

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