More Gifts from the Garden

September 30th, 2008

It’s one of those beautiful early fall days today, crisp and cool with bright sunshine.  Can we have a few more months of this please?  I love summer for the warmth, the garden, the outdoor fun… but the cooler weather is so invigorating!

The garden is slowing down, but there are still vegetables to be found.   The beans are almost finished, but I keep picking them here and there.  The beets have grown through the summer and I’m collecting them now.  I was hoping the beets would grow a little larger. I think I didn’t space them out enough, and I need to augment the soil a little better probably.  The cucumbers have finally given up for the year, but the tomatoes have come into their own.  There are many larger red and green tomatoes on the vine, so hopefully we’ll have a few more weeks for them to grow before the first frost.

Vegetable bounty in September

When is the frost in your area?  We usually get it about the middle of October.  Just enough to snap the annual plants for the year.  I suppose we need a month or two of this weather because it helps us clean up the garden and everything else before winter.  The leaves have begun to drift off the trees, slowly and gently falling with the wind.

4 Responses to “More Gifts from the Garden”

  1. We usually get a frost around the same time though it always seems to vary quite a bit.

    My tomatoes plants are starting to die from the bottom up and I found quite a few cucumbers hiding out that I had missed from earlier. I’ve canned enough tomatoes for the year so I’m not too concerned about the dozen or so green ones still out there. If they make it and turn, I’ll eat them with some lettuce, bread and bacon.

  2. The weather is so nice I’m taking Wednesday off from work just to enjoy it.

  3. Borscht again?


  4. Enough tomatoes Ed?! There’s never enough tomatoes… I need to can some more. :) The weather is incredible- good for you Pablo. Borscht R.? I love borscht… don’t know how to make it, and haven’t had it in years- but I think I’ll give it a try!

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