Hints of Autumn Color

October 11th, 2008

The green leaves of summer are finally giving way to yellows and reds.  In our area the peak of Autumn color is usually the third or fourth week of October.  It’s such an enchanting time that we often wish it would last longer.  But the next few weeks will be a lot of fun.  I think I see a leaf pile in our future… 

 Early fall color in Missouri

The bees are still hard at work gathering whatever they can.  The roses have come into full bloom once again, and the bees have found their pollen.

 Pink rose and honeybee

And weekends!  It’s not enough that we have work to do outside, here in Missouri football fever has gripped the state as we watch our Mizzou Tigers play.   But that’s not until this evening, so for now it’s time to head outside and get a little more work done.  Have a great weekend.

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  1. I think it will be a beautiful Autumn because we had such a wet summer.

    As for Mizzou, I, the EMBLOS and our collective six degrees from that august institution are mightily depressed after the debacle against OSU. It was nip and tuck whether I’d make it to church this morning, but ultimately, given my linguistic indiscretions last night, I figured I needed to do some penance.


  2. I’m not expecting much for colors up here since we continue to have a wet fall. Most of the leaves so far are just brown though a few maples in town are yellow.

    I never get to excited over the fall colors because I’m color blind. I see yellows and shades of brown where others see yellows and reds. Over time I have come to identify what shade of brown people see as brilliant red and can take pictures to impress them but to me it is still a shade of brown.

  3. We’ve been pretty wet also, and I’m seeing more yellows and browns this year too. I didn’t know that’s how color blindness would show red?! That gives me a new perspective on the reds/browns. But here’s a question: How do you see red lights differentiating between yellow and red? Position on the light?

  4. Red against yellow is not a problem but red next to green is. I can see red on a stoplight without any problem unless the sun is glaring and then I have problems and just go by position. I can’t see an apple or a cherry in a tree unless my face is right there among the leaves or I can see the outline of the fruit against the sky.

    From what I know, there are all shades of colorblindness. I have problems with colors at the end of their ranges like the dark reds or the really faint reds. Fire engine red is not a problem. I have the same problem with blues and greens. It frustrates my wife to no end when she tells me to put black shoes on my daughter and she ends up with navy blue ones instead.

    Funny thing about it all, I didn’t realize I was even colorblind until I was in my teens. In my softmore biology class they had some colored circles where you were supposed to see numbers or letters and I couldn’t see anything. Then a month or so letter my mom started talking about all the apples on the tree twenty feet away and I couldn’t see any of them. Up until that point I thought I was seeing “normal.” It’s a strange thing colorblindness is and it is only with probing that I have come to understand such things as red tree leaves and such.

  5. Wow, I punted that spelling. Softmore = sophomore and letter=later

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