Colorful Fun in the Fall Season

October 18th, 2008

We spent a nice day enjoying the fall weather and visiting a local pumpkin farm.  The kids love the activities, while the adults enjoy watching the kids.  Some sweet funnel cake was very nice, but if you see a sign for home-made rootbeer or something, don’t do it!  It sounded good, but it was really awful.  Their “rootbeer” tasted like soapy water without carbonation… and they probably didn’t clean the bottles properly, blech!  We stopped somewhere else later on and I had to drink a real rootbeer so that it didn’t ruin my appreciation of a good one.  I think that first one is embeded in my taste memory though.  But it was good to see folks out driving around the countryside (and lower gas prices certainly helped). 

Bought a bottle of BBQ sauce from a young entreprenuer who had a booth set up.  He said it’s a little tougher this year, but sales are going fine.  He was very upbeat about his prospects and said that when people talk about the economy and the hard times we’re having he said, “If this is bad, I’d sure like to see what good is!”  I thought that was great perspective in light of the emotions flying around these days. 

It was nice to see some Autumn color too. We’re still probably a week away from the peak of the season here, but the leaves are beautiful.   

Colorful Autumn sunset in Missouri 

And the roses are blooming again!  We’ve been fortunate that the frost has not arrived yet- apparently much of the eastern U.S. will see frost in the next couple of days.  We still have a few outdoor projects to take care of with winterizing equipment and protecting various plants.  Even the tomatoes and beans are still producing, but not for much longer.  For now we can enjoy the weather and the beauty of the flowers and leaves.

Roses blooming in Autumn

We were working outside the other day and the boy yelled, “Daddy, Come here!” He said he had a surprise for me, and showed me his discovery of this wild mushroom in a place we never expected.  We see so many different types of mushrooms and fungi that it’s hard to identify them all.  They only come up for a day or two and are gone.

Wild Mushroom

But the Woolly Bear caterpillars are everywhere right now! These caterpillars are the larval stage of the Isabella Tiger Moth, and are seen crossing roads in October.  Folklore says the width of the middle brown band can forecast winter weather.  A wide brown band means it’ll be a cold one…  I’m not sure if this is very wide but it feels like we’ll have a cold winter this year for some reason.

Woolly Bear Caterpillar

5 Responses to “Colorful Fun in the Fall Season”

  1. Pine Pod Farm

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


    Hi, hmmm, my woolly worms have have black in the center and brown on each end.

    Beautiful roses!

  3. R. Sherman

    Been away and now catching up.

    I saw a woolly worm at my place with an almost solid middle band the other day and thought, “Uh, oh. Time to stock up on cinders and salt.”

    (Good chainsaw primer, BTW)


  4. I sure hope we get a mild winter. Last winter about did me in. But with all this rain we still continue to get even in our dry season, I’m not optimistic on a mild winter.

  5. Hi Pine Pod Farm- I enjoyed reading about your goats. One of these days we’ll get some too, and then I’ll be asking a lot of questions!
    Lenore- I’ve never seen one with the opposite colors? We’ll have to get a picture- that would make a great post :)
    R.- Glad to hear from you! Hope you find more time this season… and that your woolly worm is wrong!
    Ed- I’m thinking the same thing, but I suspect you get a whole bunch more snow than we do. Cold and snowy or warm and dry… that’s fine with me. I just can’t stand cold and wet and icy…

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