Life Happens, Seasons Change

October 25th, 2008

Time for taking care of outdoor chores with colder temperatures on the way.  The warmer weather has been nice this month, and the annuals and garden plants have grown longer than usual.   There are still green tomatoes to pick and bring indoors until they ripen up.    And the eggplant has been flowering again!  There’s even a little eggplant growing… wonder if I dug it up, if it would grow indoors?

Green tomatoes growing in October before frost arrives

The fall season seems so busy with conflicting goals and desires… getting outdoors, family time, holidays, school, sports, cub scouts, homework, hobbies and more. But I love it… and it gives us the chance to be involved and to embrace life.  And not to forget  that even among the confusion and frustrations, it’s all part of living.   “Life happens while you’re busy making other plans…”  Remember who said that?  It reminds me to live in the present too.

4 Responses to “Life Happens, Seasons Change”

  1. As I get older, I’ve found that fall is my favorite season. There are those things you describe — activities, holidays, etc. — but more so is the desire to “cocoon up” to get get ready for warm nights inside as the weather turns, to gather one’s family close for the winter. There’s something comforting in that, which perhaps the belies the fact that for most of human history, fall was the time when one engaged in the the last frenzied preparation to survive the cold and dark of winter. Now, it is a time to take stock of our blessings.


  2. Mike

    That says it all.

  3. I think “how to live it.” finishes up that quote from John Lennon.

    I’m with Sherman in that I’m all about cocooning up in the winter. Nice fires and lots of family time. I suppose that will change when my daughter gets older and in school so all the more reason to resist it all now.

  4. What great thoughts. We do have many blessings R. I appreciate your focus and Ed, I look forward to the fires and family time too. Still have a few years with the young one!

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