A New Day, The Journey Continues

November 5th, 2008

It is a new day in America, and one that many will talk about for years to come.  So many questions, hopes and dreams, and for now we can take a deep breath and move forward. I suspect that the next few years will not be nearly as bad as some have feared, or nearly as good as many might wish.  Perhaps somewhere along a middle road where we take a deeper collective look at overcoming the challenges we face.  I have little doubt we’ll find ourselves struggling with new challenges, but I also have enormous faith in the strength of the nation and its people.  And I respect the good intentions of those who will serve to lead this great democracy.  Of course you know what they say about good intentions…   Yet change and renewal is healthy, and in many ways vital to the growth of people and institutions.  The nation too will grow and change- we must.  

We may not always appreciate the direction the nation takes, or the choices of those with whom we disagree, yet simply participating in a peaceful election in a free democratic republic is an amazing thing.   For now we can appreciate the wonder and beauty of the world around us, and marvel at the hopes and dreams realized for so many people.  Just think of the inspiration that so many throughout the world must see today.   The American journey continues, and we get to be a part of it. 

A new day in America and at Fox Haven

4 Responses to “A New Day, The Journey Continues”

  1. *breathes a sigh of relief*

    Thank God it is over.

  2. Ditto to Ed.

    I’m afraid I take a pretty measured view of these things. Election results are never the second coming nor the apocalypse. There’s too much inertia to allow us to drift way off track.


  3. So very true. As the old axiom goes, “The speed of the convoy is measured by the pace of the slowest ship…” We have many slow ships out there, and many seeking direction. And then the question, “Where’s the next torpedo?!”


    The beauty of your photo seems to be a testament to your words…echoing… a peaceful election and…. the wonder and beauty around us.

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