Building Character, Helping the Community

November 22nd, 2008

It was a big day for our Cub Scouts and the annual Scouting for Food campaign.   This is a national community stewardship project to help alleviate hunger in local communities, with all levels of scouting participating.  In our area, around 25 of our cub scouts collected over 5,700 food items from a couple of nearby small towns.  Thanks to generous donors and more kids in our pack, we beat last year’s collection by almost 2,000 items, mostly canned goods, and brought it all in to a local food pantry.  This one day of food collection provides almost 50% of their annual operations supporting families in need in the local area. 

Cub Scouts and Scouting for Food Campaign


We covered half of a small town this morning with our vehicle, and it only took about 90 minutes going from house-to-house. There are a lot of generous people out there, and most of the bags were heavy with food. The bags from what just our family collected almost covered the entire back floor of a pickup truck.  Lots of other vehicles were full of food too.  It was a chilly morning for the kids!





Scouting for Food




Equally important however, the boys were learning about helping other people, and “doing good deeds” with their labor.  Last week they walked through towns and neighborhoods placing empty bags on doorknobs.  And today they walked back to every one of those houses, brining back a lot of canned goods.  And when we pulled up to the food pantry, all the scouts pitched in to unload the vehicles.  What a great way to help the local community- and to share food at a time when many people are struggling.



After the food drive we had a neat “Raingutter Regatta” which is a balsa wood sailboat race in 10 foot gutters- real rain gutters!  The kids built and decorated their sailboats at home in preparation for the race.  Today they raced each other down the raingutter by blowing on the sails.  Some of them were very creative with the little boats, and everyone had a lot of fun.  I’m a den leader for the 2nd grade scouts, and I was very proud of them today!

Cub Scout Raingutter Regatta

7 Responses to “Building Character, Helping the Community”

  1. I remember doing that a few years ago. I haven’t seen any scouts in my area doing that now. All I see is them selling popcorn just about now so that it arrives before Christmas.

  2. This comment is a test. Do not be alarmed. If this had been a real comment, you could ignore it.

  3. pamela

    I am a horrible person. I missed the scouts and now need to take my food to the food pantry. It is not a good feeling to know that I disappointed Boy Scouts. Darn. The upside is that my guilt will ensure a bigger bag for the Pantry.

  4. R. Sherman

    The Scouts are one of those organizations which have contributed so much to our society. Unfortunately, too many people would rather criticize them than look at all they’ve accomplished.


  5. Ed- The popcorn sales are good for fund raising, but I wonder why not the food drive? It’s a national event…

    Pablo- Glad to see you’re not commenting again!

    Pamela- Oh the scouts understand lots of folks forget, you’re not horrible! :) And it’s great that you’re taking food to the pantry. I’m surprised how I never thought about it much before we joined scouts with our son- now I realize how much the food pantries depend on donations!

    R. – It’s funny, I had forgotten my own participation in scouts and how much I enjoyed it when younger. I’m dating myself, but these memories are bringing back some from over 30 years ago…

  6. Call this comment a “drive-by ‘Happy Thanksgiving'” to you and yours.


  7. Thanks R- and Happy Thanksgiving to you, and everyone! :)

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