First Snow Comes

November 30th, 2008

A magical day… we awakened to a blanket of snowfall, the wet but gentle kind that hangs on the trees in still air.  It’s not often we have such snow in November… a fitting day indeed on the last day of the month.  It’s beautiful though- and so peaceful.  We’re a few weeks from winter yet, but it’s still a wonderland.  Seems there are few mornings as quiet and still as that after a night of snowfall.   

The snow was falling gently at dawn, the landscape covered in gray and white.

November snow in Missouri

I left the camera in the barn and walked through a shallow layer of snow with the dogs running all around.  The yellow lab just loves snow- he was a puppy his first winter and thinks that snow means playtime.  He danced all around waiting for me to throw the snowball, then plowed through the snow looking everywhere… but he never finds it, and looks at me with furrowed brow waiting for the next one.

5 Responses to “First Snow Comes”

  1. Still snowing up here but it is too dark to see much now. Fortunately I have a nice warm fire to contemplate it all by.

  2. Looks like you had more snow down there than we had up in KC (though I’m not clear on where “down there” is). I hope we got snow at Roundrock.

  3. Good for you Ed- why does a warm fire seem like the perfect thing on a snowy evening?!

    Hi Pablo- Thought you might have had a bit more… were a little down there, but more east really :)

  4. R. Sherman

    It looks like you got a lot more than we did. Hardly worth the effort.


  5. Hi R- strange how there’s more/less within the same geographical area? It was plenty for the young boy… he wakes up each day hoping the snow isn’t gone!

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