The Days Grow Shorter

December 11th, 2008

I’ve been wondering where the day has gone of late.  Sometimes we really get warmed up with a few things and the next thing you know it’s already late afternoon, with the sun fading quickly, beautifully, behind the trees. 

Sunset in December in Missouri

It’s just that time of year of course, but it feels like the day goes so fast.  I guess they do really, and we’re getting close to the shortest day of the year in our hemisphere. Today we’ll have nine hours and fifty-one minutes of official daylight.  I do love the holiday season, but I must say I look forward to the days getting a little longer again too.

2 Responses to “The Days Grow Shorter”

  1. I evidently need sunlight to survive and don’t function well when it is overcast for weeks on end plus gets dark early. The only coping mechanism I have found to combat the winter lack of sun is to read lots of books by a fire.

  2. Reading by the fire…. A perfect tonic for the gray of winter.

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