Second Sunday, and Who Throws a Shoe?!

December 15th, 2008

Reeallly cold out there today… around 10 degrees F.  And after a weekend of temps near 50 degrees?!  I’m sure it’s a lot colder for our friends to the north.  But with the storm last night we have a bunch of ice and most of the schools are closed.  “Yipee!” say the kids.  So it feels like a second Sunday, at least for some folks. 

By now you’ve noticed that since yesterday we’ve been treated to video after video of the Iraqi jerk who decided to throw his shoes at President Bush.  Okay, it’s a little funny to watch as well.  But I thought the President was awesome- he ducked the first one, and stood back up as if to say- “Oh yeah?!  Let me see what you’ve got dude- bring it on!”  And his sense of humor afterwards was great to see.   So I thought I would share one of today’s viral videos… none other than Austin Powers asking the perfect question, “Who throws a shoe?! Honestly…”

4 Responses to “Second Sunday, and Who Throws a Shoe?!”

  1. Never saw that movie but the clip was timely. Thanks for sharing.

  2. pamela

    Really, after all the damage he’s done, you think throwing a shoe is a bad idea?

  3. Ed- I saw one of the movies- it was pretty funny. Movie came out in late ’90’s, which obviously was a different era.

    Pamela- :) Funny… Well, I think a real journalist would know better- and use his pen instead of his shoes. But I don’t think he alone has done so much damage. Not that the Congress and millions of Americans, Canadians, Britons, Australians, Italians, Poles, French, Germans, etc. etc. weren’t willing to go along with- at least for a few years. The people who have done the real damage are still out there plotting how to kill innocent people- just ask the folks in India. I hope one day soon everyone will come to their senses and find more peaceful means of resolution.

  4. pamela

    Not all of us went along willingly even for a few moments.

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