Painting the Pond

December 28th, 2008

These last few days have been uncharacteristically warm… and wet.  So much of the midwest has shifted from frozen to heavy rain, and people are worried about flooding again. I hope it’s not as bad as last year for so many folks.  The pond is so full it’s pouring out the spillway- something it usually does only in late spring.  The warmer, heavy rain coming into the pond from the watershed brought muddy discoloration from the runoff.  It mixed slowly throughout the day, and there was a sharp angle to the two types of mixing water.  Could that be because of different temperatures?  The pond had just barely thawed from being frozen the day before.  It looked interesting, whatever the reason- and I don’t think I’ve seen it quite like that before.   It only lasted for the day and is gone now.

Rainfall mixing into the pond in winter

After last night it looks like the rain has finally stopped and we should have a few nice days of sunny weather to dry out.   And the good news with all the rain is that the roof doesn’t leak with the new wood stove chimney.  Yipee!   The bad news is that we had so much rain that it leaked around the outside of the barn and into the front entrance getting the floor wet.  Boo!  Glad I raised the woodstove on bricks. I think I’ll need to grade the soil lower around the barn when it gets a little warmer to help keep the water from coming in off the hillsides.

It was so warm on Friday that I saw a few bees milling about outside the hives- although it was windy and they were getting blown about quite a bit.  While carrying wood to the house, I found one clinging to a small piece of wood.  We carried it back to one of the hives.  Maybe they’ll have a chance to stretch their wings a bit more this week.

Christmas was very nice, and gave us a chance to visit with family.  One of the family members is just 3 years old, and is the center of attention.  Our young one is about five years older, and gave the little one a prized “stick horse” riding pony, complete with “neighing” sounds when you press its ear.  The smile on the 3-year olds face was priceless… he “rode” it around the room, and when they left, kept it hugged tightly to his chest on the way out.  It’s nice to see joy on the face of a child.

4 Responses to “Painting the Pond”

  1. I’ve always said that gift giving is a much for the giver as the receiver. It’s wonderful that your son got the experience of making someone else so obviously happy. That’s a kind of subconscious boost to his self esteem that will buoy him throughout his life.

  2. I think we are going to celebrate the sunny warm weather by going south to sunnier and warmer versions of it. We are planning on spending a couple days in Pablo’s neck of the woods in search of the best BBQ among other things.

  3. pamela

    I bet you were proud to see your child make such a generous gift of his treasured horse. Such behaviour is a gift to you and his mom as well.

  4. Pablo- Great point about the lifetime perspective, and I so agree with your view of gift giving.

    Ed- That’s a great idea… I’m trying to think of where to go tomorrow, it’s going to be so beautiful (and warm!).

    Pamela- I was proud, and had not thought of it in terms of a gift… but what better gift could there be? Thanks- :)

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