Sunday Friends

January 11th, 2009

After many clouds and colder weather we are enjoying a beautiful sunny day.  It’s hard not to think of spring on days like this, and I’m already feeling behind with garden planning and a host of outdoor projects.   I think some people just feel that way all the time, and like it or not I’m one of them.   Time to gather some more firewood too since we’re already working down the last two piles really fast.  This week promises to be very cold again. 

Yesterday I replenished our bird feeders and put up one more.  So that makes four feeders near the house and the birds seem to appreciate the free buffet.   I’m sure they would be fine by themselves, but I just like to have feed available especially on those bitterly cold days and nights.  And it’s fun to watch the lively activity around the house, especially during the gray days of winter.  We get at least a dozen species, but the finches and juncos seem to be the most common.

Finches and Juncos below the bird feeder

And the yellow lab really enjoys being outside in winter, and always finds something fun to do.  Would that my spirit soared as constantly as his… he’s always ready to go with such unbridled enthusiasm.   The young boy took this picture of him while we were looking for the right Christmas tree to cut down for his grandmother last month.  That was a fun afternoon.  We’re still looking for the snow, and a chance to really play!

Yellow Labrador Retriever

5 Responses to “Sunday Friends”

  1. Enjoy the warm weather while you can. Looks like we’re in for some bitter cold by the end of the week, at least in my part of the state.

  2. Nice pictures, it’s cold here!

  3. Pablo- It’s coming this way too! We’re stocked up, but I’ve heard February may be nice…

    Amy- Thanks! Must be lots colder where you are, and snowier!

  4. Back when we had the ice, birds were standing on one another to get at the bird seed in the feeders. Now it is back to the occasional one here and there during the day.

  5. Yes, that’s when it feels good to help them out. Still wondering if we’ll get snow this winter!

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