Cabin Fever Daze in Winter

January 22nd, 2009

Beautifully warm days this week after such cold ones before, and it really makes me think that spring is just around the corner.  I know it’s too soon, and we have many cold nights ahead, but as far as I’m concerned- we’re on the downside of winter.

Male Eastern Bluebird

I think the Bluebirds agree because I’ve seen them around the house a lot more.   I wonder if they know how beautiful they are?!  I need to fix and put up a couple more nesting boxes so we keep them around. And this morning I heard a cardinal singing away, and saw a flock of robins.  The robins stay in flocks through winter, but then begin to break up and look for their own nesting places.

Tower of dominoes

As cold as it was last week we’ve had a little cabin fever and spent the time playing games.  We tried playing the game of dominoes, but ended up doing what everyone does… building domino trails to knock down.  Then we built a giant tower- it was pretty cool.  When it started to tip to one side, we built it a little heavier on the other.  It would have stayed up all day but for an overzealous yellow lab’s tail…. crash!  Oh well…

Ah, but we’re not totally out of the technological mainstream… we got a Wii last year, and use it now and then to play some fun games.  If you haven’t used a Wii before, it’s really engaging.  The wireless remote buzzes and rumbles, and directs almost any activity you can imagine on the tv screen.  There’s one game in which the remote acts like a paintbrush to reveal landscape colors, leaves, flowers, etc.  Another game we play involves so much physical activity that I have to sit down to catch my breath.  There’s even a brainquest game to show you how you think and react.  Other games are just fun, like racing cars against each other.

Video games weren’t around when I was a kid, but I think they can be used effectively with parental supervision.   Getting outside is much more important in my view, but for those cold or rainy days, I think it’s fine now and then.  I would like to see the software engineers design a lot more academically oriented games too, but those are mostly on the computer it seems.

Of course if you’re really bored, you can always find a kitty cat to wrestle with!  This is Princess and she’s being a good sport about being hugged like crazy.  Then she gets up and shakes herself off to regain her dignity.

Hugging the Cat

And by the way, I didn’t get a deer this year, but a deer got me!  We were driving back from the boy’s grandma’s house sunday night and a deer ran right into us- honest!  There we are, driving along at about 55 mph and I catch a glimpse of this big doe running full speed at the left shoulder in front of us with a crazed look in her eye…  I have about a half-second to decide where it’s going to hit us, so I gun it, jog the wheel quickly right then back left and- WHUMP!!!  the deer hits the left passenger door of the crew cab.   Man that thing hit hard, and I swear it was running so fast and low it looked like it was trying to hit us.

It’s was late,  it’s freezing cold and we’re on a major rural highway so I don’t stop. I catch a glimpse of brown near the shoulder as we drive away.   And it’s against the law to keep a deer you’ve hit anyway.  Maybe if it was a back road I would try to recover it, or call someone, but not that night.   The next day we drove by and there wasn’t a deer there… maybe someone else kept it or the deer got up and kept going.

I was thankful we were in the truck and that the deer didn’t hit the front or come through the windshield.  If we’d been in our little car it would not have been pretty.   Ah but my pride was also bruised… the truck is only 3 years old and didn’t have  scratch on it. Go figure… so I was prepared for the worst, but when we got home there was only minor damage.  I’m still amazed based on how hard that deer hit us.

Dent from deer hitting truck

Funny- I’ve got an old F-250 by the barn that’s going on 17 years old with no dents in it!   We carry really high deductibles on the vehicles to keep insurance costs low, so I’ll live with the dent for now.   Never know when one of them critters is going to come charging across the road, huh?

3 Responses to “Cabin Fever Daze in Winter”

  1. I’m pretty sure it’s okay to keep a deer that you hit but that you simply have to report it to the conservation department. At least that’s how it used to be.

  2. My set of dominoes gathered dust until I learned the game Mexican Train. After that, we almost never go to a family gathering without playing several rounds of the game. We even went so far as to buy a set of dominoes geared specifically for that game. It still is the same dominoes but has little trains and a pod thing that you use to start the game.

  3. Pablo- Thanks, didn’t know that, but I’ll check with them. Makes a lot more sense than to waste a deer. Your comment was lost in the spam que for some reason!? Glad I found it and checked…
    Ed- Never played that one, but we’ll have to try it!

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