Gopher Piles and Bathtub Smiles

February 5th, 2009

I had forgotten that in late winter there are some very active critters around- especially underground.  Now I don’t mind a mole or two around the place, they’ve got to live too.  But when the moles and gophers begin to think this is their private little kingdom, then I’m not a happy camper.  After the deep freeze the past few weeks we had a nice warm-up, and I walked around to find this nice little trail of diggings on the hillside below the garden.  These dirt piles are 6-12 inches tall, and would fill up a kid’s beach bucket.

Gopher tunnels on hillside 

These wouldn’t be so bad off in a field by themselves (where they are usually).  But on the slope it causes a great deal of erosion, especially when it rains and the water washes down inside the tunnels evacuating mud everywhere.  I usually squish the muddy hills and tunnels down with the tractor, and the gophers just dig them out again.  We play that game for a while until they move on.  Hopefully I can persuade them to move somewhere else again… not on the slopes, and not near the pond dam!  But if they won’t?  Well, we’re just going to have to figure something out Caddyshack-style…  hopefully with better results!   Somebody remind me why these little critters are useful anyway?!

And what do you get when you ask a dog-and-water-loving-kid to take a bath, and you didn’t keep an eye on your water-and-kid-loving-labrador-retriever?    Well, after hearing unusually gleeful giggles down the hallway, you suddenly look around and notice that your faithful yellow lab is no longer sitting quietly by your side, looking up at you with those big dreamy eyes, and you realize that he has absconded to that playful paradise for kids… the bathtub… much to the boy’s delight of course.  So you get up, get your camera and slowly open the door of the bathroom to find your kid squirting water from a squishy toy at the yellow lab, who loves every minute of it.   Both of them wore great big smiles, and neither of them wanted to get out…

Yellow Lab in the bathtub

4 Responses to “Gopher Piles and Bathtub Smiles”

  1. I get those mole runs across my gravel road. The truck takes care of them mostly.

    I’ve never had dogs who liked water, much less baths, so your problem hasn’t been my problem. I am surprised it hasn’t happened to you sooner.

  2. I haven’t discovered a significant advantage to having moles versus not having them so I always had poisoned them if they interfere with my space otherwise I just leave them alone.

    My dog loved the water but hated baths with a passion. More than once after a skunking of finding something nice, dead and very ripe smelling, I would have to try to get him into the bathtub. Carrying a 90 pound dog and trying to retract the four paws braced on the sides of the shower door is preety hard to do.

  3. pamela

    Since your dog is clean, I could drop my two off; I don’t want your son to get bored. Just trying to help.

  4. Pablo- I need a weight the size of a truck for sure; He did climb in once before long ago… I thought it was a fluke- should have known better.
    Ed- I’m afraid to use much of anything with so many pets around… maybe a long pipe hooked up to the tractor exhust? That’s a funny story… I can’t wrestle this one- he always wins now.
    Pamela- Oh sure, thanks! He would love to have them :)

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