Using MS Word to Write Blog Posts

February 22nd, 2009

I’m trying a new experiment today, using the “blog post” function inherent to MS Word 7.0.  This is not the same thing as “copying” and “pasting” from Word- it’s a new capability, and doesn’t insert a plethora (did I just use that word?!) of extra HTML markup that clutters the post code.   Practically speaking, it’s not too different than logging in to your blog platform and using the administration tools built into it. But Word does offer greater flexibility such as using my 19 inch widescreen monitor with a much larger screen size to type/write on, manipulate images, etc. Using WordPress I have to constantly “re-size” the text editor to fit images and such. But with Word, you can maximize it to full screen size just like typing any document offline. I should note that I’m not using the latest WordPress evolution, so other users may have different opinions. It should also be noted that Word’s blog post capability can be used with Blogger, Windows Live, TypePad and other platforms too.

I like the fact that the Word software has made it pretty simple to set up your “accounts” for publishing, offering the ability to publish right away, or as a draft. Which means if you’re using a computer without internet access, you can finish a post and save it for later publication as well. I like that feature in terms of the idea of bringing a laptop with me while traveling and publishing later when internet access is available. Sure you could always do that when writing in Notepad or another text editor, and then “copying” and “pasting” text to your blog platform- but with MS Word you can save all your formatting and image placement too, and simply post right away once you have internet access again.

Sunset while camping

Last year for example, we took a two-week trip camping around the Midwest and didn’t have internet access very often. I remember typing a few posts in advance as a rough draft, but then had to scramble quickly to finish, edit, format and publish the article when we finally had internet access before moving on. So with this ability I can have it ready to go in advance, and upload it quickly at my convenience when we get internet access again. If you’re only typing text without images it may not matter to you though.

Realistically I’m not sure if I’ll use the “blog post” function within Word very often- I like having the functions within WordPress available while writing new posts, and changing your writing habits isn’t easy sometimes! There is one other thing although it doesn’t happen very often- I have lost several posts while trying to publish them after spending an hour or two writing them. That’s a big “Aaarrrghh!” moment.  WordPress has a great “autosave” feature that works pretty well, but sometimes you can still lose a post and writing it up offline in Word may prevent that from happening. It’s nice to have options and other ways to do things. 

So how did it work out?  Well, I first published this as a draft, and it turns out that my pictures didn’t show up- I had to go into WordPress and reload them.  I may not have set it up properly so I’ll try again.  Also I found that Word inserted a backslash wherever a single or double quotation exists.  That’s not helpful… so I’ll see if there’s anything I can do to change that.  Otherwise it seems to work just fine- does anyone else have user feedback on Word’s blog post capability?

By the way, I’m excited that the little shrub, or smallish tree, in the middle of the picture below is growing bigger this year. 

Do you know what it is? 

Winter flora

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  1. Since I am still using Office 2000, I guess I’ll have to wait until 2007. Wait… I guess I’ll have to wait until they obsolete me enough that I will be forced to buy 2007 or the new version. I dislike the ribbon feature and it takes me three times as long as it used to do simple tasks. I’m sure that given enough time I would get used to it but after decades of essentially the same format, I’m a creature of habit. So I generally type my post in Word, cut and paste it into the HTML code tab so that my returns are recognized, insert pictures and save for automatic publishing at a future date.

    Your pictures can’t be clicked on to expand to a larger size so it makes tree identification a bit difficult. I assume that it a drawback of WordPress as Pablo has the same problem. But all that is assuming I would have a chance at identifing it if I could expand it and that isn’t likely.

  2. Ed- Yes, I remember 2000- and I sure appreciate the habit thing too. I will say the 2007 version is very different, and I’m not used to it yet. It was a discount/student thing a couple years ago, but works pretty well. I think we could use thumbnails or page links in wordpress to enlarge pictures, but it seems cleaner without. You’re right though- it’s too small in that picture to really tell.

  3. R. Sherman

    I’ll need to try that. I’m so used to signing on to blogger and typing HTML that I wonder whether I’m too old a dog to be learning Word’s new tricks.


  4. Your never too old! :) Admittedly the changes were kind of weird…

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