Big and Tiny Bubbles

March 11th, 2009

Isn’t it strange how when it’s warm outside there’s a bunch of fun things to do that we haven’t thought of for a while!?

Bubbles © Fox Haven Media 2009 

Among other things, I’m working on upgrading the ‘ole Journal this week… a scary proposition.  I’m not a techie by trade, but usually get around okay.  Problem being that I’ve missed (i.e. not done) about the last six WordPress upgrades because I’ve customized this blog theme so much and was hesitant to change anything.  So I’m backing up the database and exporting a bunch of files, deactivating plugins, making notes… and maybe one of these days I’ll get the gumption to push a bunch of buttons and go for it.  

Soap bubbles come to mind when I think of upgrading the blog… I can see it all, even through various parts to ultimate place I want to be, but what if I do everything right, start the upgrade process and then, “Poof!” it’s gone?!  Figuring out how to bring it back is worse than upgrading it.  At least for non-scary-smart-(non-specific-gender)-techie dudes like me.   

Need to grab an ice cold drink before-hand maybe.  But then those other little bubbles might impair my judgement and then where will I be?!  Ah, but the new WP versions are much more friendly to administer (thanks to a lot of really scary smart techie folks) and security is much better, upgrading is easier, media files work better, blah, blah, blah.  So if things look kind of strange around here at some point, you’ll know why… it will either be my fault or well, the bubbles fault! 

6 Responses to “Big and Tiny Bubbles”

  1. I think I’m on the latest upgrade but one of WordPress, but I can thank my techie daughter and son-in-law for upgrading and maintaining the blog for me. There’s no way I could puzzle through it all.

  2. I guess that is one advantage blogger has. I have a whole team working behind the scenes to keep everything up to date.

  3. pamela

    Bee-keeping sounds like a much more enjoyable task than blog-keeping.

  4. the photo is wonderful, did you take it?

  5. Pablo- Glad you have a resource for some of that… however I suspect you get around pretty well on your own. :)
    Ed- Good point… kind of like the commericals for that big cell phone company with all the tech support following them around! If I had started there first I probably wouldn’t have switched. I’m a glutton for punishment and like arranging things a million times.
    Pamela- I so agree- I love using tools, but unlike Ed, I’ve never been that interested in building them!
    Sage- Yes! And thanks- it’s neat isn’t it? That was last Sunday in the yard… I took a few of our son and one photo happened to have that cool “looking through the bubble” thing going on.

  6. R. Sherman

    Fortunately, I don’t have much to to lose, and I’ve saved my stuff in html, anyway. That way, I can always start over if I have to.


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