Enjoying the Four F’s

March 25th, 2009

The pace of spring is quickening, and like that of nature it seems our lives are becoming equally hurried.  We spent last weekend running all around, essentially a of couple days with family, friends, food and fun.  Which included an uncharacteristically large gathering for dinner with relatives from out of town.  Lots of great food and conversation, and birthday celebrations too.  A magician was brought in for entertainment- that was a hoot.  I’ve never really been to a “magic show” on a birthday, but the kids really loved it.  The gent was pretty funny and the kids were mesmerized.   It was one of those nights where you eat too much, and it all ends too soon with everyone heading back to rejoin their own lives.  We also spent a day with the cub scouts on a grand outing for the kids.  It was a busy, fun-filled day that included a train ride and a tour of some impressive sights.  

See if you know where the mystery photo of the day is from…  isn’t it beautiful? This is very large, probably thirty feet across the side.


For a closer look, here’s an inset from the right side, rotated to show a better view. Maybe it holds a clue! I can’t imagine how long it must take to design and build stained glass art. 


 Update: Yes! It’s the Missouri State Capitol building in Jefferson City- an amazing building.  Under the capitol dome above, between the two cherubs is a banner- which says “Missouri State Capitol – Made from Missouri stone.”  The entire capitol building, inside and out, is made from limestone marble from various sites throughout Missouri.  The only exception are eight columns in the House chamber that were made in New Hampshire.  They are one-piece solid granite columns weighing over 26,000 pounds each.  The murals, paintings and stained glass throughout the capitol were incredible.

The tour was very interesting, as well as learning more about Missouri’s history. With a band of active young kids it wasn’t all about art and history though. We finished the day by spending a few hours playing ultimate frisbee football, which is kind of like touch football, only you have to stay where you are when you catch the frisbee, and then throw it to another player on your team. A few of the adults joined in- what a great time! I can’t remember when I’ve had grass stains on my knees from diving catches while playing a game outdoors… its been many years.

8 Responses to “Enjoying the Four F’s”

  1. Just a wild guess but I’m guessing the state capital building.

  2. R. Sherman

    Jeff City, the Capitol. How was the train trip along the river?


  3. Ed, R.- Good guess :) The train ride was fun, just a short loop for the kids. We should do that trip in October to really have some color. The capitol building was pretty impressive!

  4. pamela

    Wow, that’s going to be a tough weekend to follow.

  5. Beautiful stained glass… Sounds like a fun trip to a real “show me” site!

  6. Pamela- Not even going to try; I’m rather looking forward to some time in the garden.:)

    Sage- Thanks, it was an education for me!

  7. I remember that stained glass!

    There used to be an Indian skeleton in the first glass case as you entered the museum in the Capitol. I read somewhere that it has been removed since then. It always gave me the shivers.

  8. Edelweiss- That was my first time there, but I’ll have to visit again. We had little time to really appreciate the art. Didn’t see it, and I’m sure the skeleton is long gone- the museum had some interesting things. I was fascinated with some of the 3-point perspective murals where the view changed as you walked from one side to the other.

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