A Simple Day

April 11th, 2009

Beautiful day today- it felt so nice to get things accomplished.  Finished restoring the old tractor’s mower deck and changing oil and filters to get it in shape for the season.  Took me forever to get the deck coupling reconnected to the power take-off… yes, the same one from before!  The boy played in the barn while I worked, and learned how to set up a wooden mousetrap while only getting his fingers snapped a few times.  After he figured it out you’d think it was the hottest new toy around- he got the biggest kick out of setting it up and tripping it with rocks or sticks.   He also helped me with some bolts and hard to reach items- he’s getting to be a big help these days.  We finished the day to a delicious supper of ham and potatoes.  All in all a simple, enjoyable day.  The kind of day that goes on forever, and when the sun starts down it’s almost a surprise.

It’s a weekend of shared celebration and memories too, and really feels like we can welcome the spring season now.  We’ll be looking for what the Easter bunny brought tomorrow- but it appears we aren’t the only ones looking for something… this robin spent several minutes burying its head inside this spruce!  Have a wonderful Easter sunday.


6 Responses to “A Simple Day”

  1. R. Sherman

    I was going to do the same thing with my mower, but said “to heck with it” and took a nap. I liked my plan, too.


  2. Sounds like a wonderful day. I love days that go on forever. Well… nice ones… not rainy cold ones. :)

    Those wooden mouse traps are fun to play with. I need to set a few up in the barn one of these days… the mice are cute and friendly, but they sure do gnaw. I remember tripping them with sticks when I was a kid… I’ll have to show Kiddo that soon.


  3. pamela

    The world would be a better place if more people appreciated the importance of simple days. Just my opinion.

  4. I wonder if Robins thing bagworms are Easter candy? I pulled a handful off my parents juniper shrubs in front of their house already.

  5. R.- I like that plan too, sometimes I lay down in the grass and I’m out, at least until a dog or two begins licking my face…

    Ron- Yes, we let a little mouse go last year, far away from the house! But they do set up nests in the darndest places, and love to chew electrical wires… ugh!

    Pamela- Nice observation; I’m definitely with you on that one.

    Ed- Bagworms already?! I’ll have to start looking around, it’s amazing how fast they can chew up a tree or bush. I don’t know anything that eats them!

  6. Great photo! Simple days are the best, but I don’t know if working on a tractor would be a simple day for me.

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