The Easter Bunny Lives On

April 16th, 2009

The Easter Bunny came and went this year… it won’t be the last, but it’s different than when kids are really little.  So many fun times with holidays- running around hiding things, bringing joy to the little ones while nearly being discovered.   For the first time, our son- almost finished with second grade- started asking me questions before Easter this year.  “How does the Easter bunny get inside the house to hide eggs?… How does he hide our own eggs?…  And the candy- that all comes from the store anyway…”  and then the looming question he had been waiting to ask:   “Daddy, is there really an Easter Bunny?”    

I was dreading that question, or any question remotely related to it.   He still believes, still trusts, still sees the good in everything… I wasn’t ready for him to begin the walk down the pathway to rational analysis of the world around us.  I looked at him and simply said, “Your Grandpa and Grandma really loved hiding eggs around the house, and watching you find them.”   He looked at me with thoughtful eyes, both of us remembering my father, gone a few years now, and how we would visit their house for Easter.   He looked away for a bit, and then back… “Who hides them now, at our house?”  A simple, innocent question.  I smiled, and he knew.  I said it’s something we love to share with him. He smiled too, like he discovered something, and the conversation moved on. 

 Later that night in the kitchen while we were coloring eggs with him, he asked loudly, “Daddy, I wonder where the Easter Bunny will hide the eggs this year?”  I looked quickly at him, wondering if he was going to say something to his Mom that he knew about the Easter Bunny…  She was standing at the sink behind him- he smiled, and winked at me.  Is that great or what?    We had a really nice Easter.

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  1. MObugs41

    I remember all too well how sad it was when our children “quit believing” in all those mythical creatures we have grown to love. There is something about the fantasy and sharing that with our children that makes those special holidays so much more enjoyable. Now I will have to wait (hopefully a long wait) for grand children to share the joy of believing with. Although at 16 and 19 our kids still have their special Easter Baskets, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. BTW, love your site, I took a few minutes to look around. The milk snake posting reminded me of a Blue Racer that made a surprise appearance in our basement a few weeks ago, apparently he spent the winter in there, I have since also found a black snake, but haven’t been able to catch it, much to my husbands horror.

  2. Those were the days when we could believe. I’m glad we can revisit them through our children’s eyes now and then.

  3. pamela

    That is the greatest story ever.
    My tiny grandson was telling me a story about seeing the Easter bunny hiding eggs and wanting to stop to talk to him, but I couldn’t understand everything–telephone conversations with a two-year-old can be tricky.
    When I spoke to my son I discovered that the bunny he wanted to talk to was inflatable, hence no stopping. So we have a few years of holiday magic ahead of us.
    I love that.

  4. Kids are wonderful, enjoy them. I’m glad you all had a good Easter.

  5. MObugs41- Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts- I like knowing we’ll be enjoying Easter treats for a long time still :) That’s really funny about the black snake… maybe it found it’s way out somehow!

    Ed- It seems important to try and keep a childlike heart… and you’re right, it’s great that kids can bring that out so well.

    Pamela- Thanks too, and for sharing- how cute, an inflatable bunny! That must have been fun talking to the little one.

    Sage- I only wish I started writing more often a few years ago…

  6. R. Sherman

    Nothing like a little “beyond Mom’s back” Father-son bonding, eh?


  7. R.- It was great that he thought it special that way :)

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