Beautiful Spring, Bees and Color

April 18th, 2009


It’s amazing how many flowering plants are in bloom right now- the bees have so many flowers to choose from. You walk along side a redbud and hear a constant “hummmm” from the bees.  Here a fuzzy young bee is gathering pollen and nectar from a viburnum in flower.  Never thought I’d think of a bee as cute, but doesn’t this one look neat?   I’ve planted Burkwood viburnum along side a Carlesi viburnum, and we have several native Blackhaw viburnum in the area as well.  They don’t flower long, but the fragrance is amazing.


Here’s a better look at the viburnum flowers with another bee. 


And everyone loves the dogwoods at this time of year. The dappled white flowering trees look so nice scattered through the woodlands before the leaves come out. But in a few weeks all will be green once again.  Time to get outside again!


8 Responses to “Beautiful Spring, Bees and Color”

  1. Ah, virbunum. One of these years I’m going to plant a few of those. Are they the ones that smell a bit like cinnamon and cloves?

  2. R. Sherman

    I think I PO’ed a couple of hives worth last night when I finally got around to hacking the blooming clover that had sprouted in my yard. I think I need to buy some goats or something.


  3. beautiful trees, dogwoods are still a few weeks away from blooming, up here.

  4. I learn a lot from your blog. I’m finally getting to the point where I’m identifying quite a few things around here. Some of them thanks to you.

    Beautiful photos, as always. I’m really starting to think about getting bees… you make them look so cute. :)


  5. pamela

    Everytime I think it’s finally spring, oops here comes winter again. Cautiously, I’m thinking it’s finally here, although I’m not packing away the sweaters yet.
    Your closeups of the bees are enchanting.

  6. Edelweiss- Their fragrance is really strong- a little like that, but also sweet… I’m probably not very good at the subtleties of it, I just know it smells nice :)
    R.- That’s pretty funny… the clover is strong this year. Funny how I don’t mind the dandelions and clover as much anymore since we have bees. But then again, the grass around our house is little more than an extension of the fields…
    Sage- That’s amazing to know how spring unfolds so differently- marching north slowly!
    Ron- I appreciate your thoughts- but I think I learn much more from yours! I think many people would enjoy bees, especially someone like you who enjoys self-reliance. You might enjoy the book by Sue Hubbell called A Country Year from 1986. At the time she was a small commercial beekeeper with over 100 hives, but lived in SW Missouri along a river- maybe not far from you! But it’s a wonderful exploration of living in the Ozarks and beekeeping, especially by someone not originally from there.
    Pamela- You must be a little further north too, but I’m hopeful that you’re right! I have a few more bees to show :)

  7. I wonder what dogwood honey tastes like? Up here, the dogwoods are few and far between so I’ve never had the opportunity to find out. I do know that white clover honey is some of the finest in the world.

  8. Ed- I’m not sure the bees do anything with dogwood, but I’ll keep an eye on the flowers and see…

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