“Double Life” Fun for Earth Day

April 22nd, 2009


Smile… It’s from the Greek for amphibian!  (Amphi meaning “two” and bios, meaning “life”- presumably describing the metamorphic life cycle of tadpoles becoming frogs and living on/in both land and water.)

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  1. I’d forgotten that it was Earth Day today. I want to see that new movie “Earth” that is coming out today. It looks pretty good.

  2. Great photo. I’m looking forward to listening to the bullfrogs in the evening this summer.


  3. Ed- It does sound good and I’ll probably see it with the young one; I’ll have to get past the anthropomorphic aspects of Disney’s view of the world- it’s not reality, more like an idealized / romanticized view of nature- hence I think people who have never walked through wilderness or faced the realities of nature don’t really understand it. Then again that’s always been Disney’s approach, and the kids will surely love it.

    R. – The bullfrog in the photo must have just emerged when I saw him the other day- he was laying in the leaves quietly and stayed still for the picture. He was a big one, about 8 inches long! I love their booming calls too…

  4. wonderful photo!

  5. pamela

    Your riddle has me stumped.

  6. Sage- I was surprised it sat still… he was a “big-un!”

    Pamela- Sorry, I didn’t mean to be so cryptic, I was in a hurry when I put it up. Just that the word amphibian comes from the Greek “amphi”, meaning two, and “bios”, meaning life. Ultimately referring to how amphibians metamorphose from tadpoles into frogs and live on/in both land and water, respectively. Think I’ll add a further note- thanks! :)

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