Rambling in the Rain

April 30th, 2009

 I’ve been trying to catch up everywhere it seems, and today is no exception.  I’ve felt lost in the work both outdoors and in, and a little lost in my head lately with everything!  Strange goings on these days with the economy, health news and so much more.  I drive a Ford by the way- and climbing into my truck listening to the news with the other car companies makes me wonder if I’ll be driving around in a truck made by the last independent American motor vehicle company!?  Hard to say, but hopefull we’ll get things turned around.

We’ve had oodles of rain though, and more coming.  Fortunately it hasn’t been too hard, but steady and long.  Good for the garden, which I finally managed to get in this week after bending over in the rain for hours.  Only a few weeks late with getting it all planted, but better late than never! Planting seeds in the rain was kind of fun actually- warm enough weather to enjoy the gentle rain, and very peaceful even with wet clothes.   That and pruning and a host of other chores… I’ve been rambling in the rain.  Or maybe mumbling in the rain, I don’t know.   It was kind of muddy though- but I’m sure the plants will like it.   Hopefully a little fertilizer and organic compost will help the garden make up for lost time and really get things going.  I’ll show some pictures when it looks better than rows of mud :) 

And do you know what these are?


Cherries!  I planted two Northstar var. cherry trees last year to have cherries for pies, cobbler, etc.  So far they are doing well, and both have flowered and set fruit.  With any luck and some netting to keep the birds away we should have some awesome cherries by the fourth of  July!

Speaking of birds, I saw my first Orchard Oriole yesterday.  It was high in a red oak tree eating something on or from the catkins drooping down.  It’s a fairly common oriole, but I just had never seen one.  I was surprised how much smaller (and less colorful) it was compared with the Baltimore orioles we see each year.  It’s a nice looking bird although the fuzzy picture doesn’t do it justice.  Another bird for the list…


We spent some time hiking last weekend, and found some neat wildflowers (no morels though!).  I had not seen a white trillium so large before- I think this is Trillium grandiflorum sp.


And here’s the little flower from wild ginger (Asarum canadense) , tucked under the heart shaped leaves. You really have to look carefully or you’ll miss it- I’ve always enjoyed finding these, but haven’t ever tried the roots as a ginger-substitute before. 


On the home front the young one found a four-leaf clover in the grass- he was excited. Really he found several of them and I found one too.  We layed on the grass, rolling around on one of the drier afternoons.  Then the dog ran up and ate my clover…  chomp!  Ah well, he’s a lucky dog.  Interesting that the genetic variation in one patch of clovers produced quite a few of the four-leafed variety.


10 Responses to “Rambling in the Rain”

  1. Beautiful photos. Trillums are one of my favorite wildflowers–give them another week or two up here.

  2. I like your white trillium even better than our red ones in Virginia. So pretty.

    And it looks like you should be having some wonderful good luck coming soon, from the look of those clovers!

  3. Pengalia

    That was the day to buy some lotto tickets:)

  4. I love the tart cherries and planted I believe a Northstar in our backyard a few years ago. I’m hoping to get a few cherries from it this year though it has only just started to form buds.

  5. R. Sherman

    Further to Ed’s comment, is Northstar a tart variety? I love cherries and am thinking about planting some fruit trees at my place.


  6. Here is a link to a page on Northstar Cherries.

  7. Sage- That’s an interesting flower to be a favorite!
    Edelweiss- I had not seen that particular white trillium before either… I did have good luck, finding new morels :)
    Pengalia- Funny…I think I did the day before… Lotto is just a voluntary tax for me :)
    Ed- I’ve never had the tart ones fresh before, so I’m curious. Hopefully they continue to ripen- and I’ll try a pie recipe from somewhere. Hope yours set too-
    R. – Yes (thanks for the link Ed!); these are a nice size, only get to about 10 feet or so on dwarf rootstock. I love cherry pie and cobbler!

  8. pamela

    We’ve had rain, rain, rain as well, which I will appreciate so much more after the spring festival this weekend. I actually painted the porch of my shop in a drizzle. Who doesn’t know better than that? I was desperate.
    The rain is making my gardens happy though…hurray for that.

  9. Is it still raining in Missouri? It’s been five straight days of it here in Virginia … I want to get outside and plant things, if it will just clear up for a day or two!

  10. Pamela- Wow did it ever rain here too. I bet it felt good to get the porch done anyway. Spring rain seems to ramp up my productivity, or at least thoughts of it! The flowers should really come this month :)
    Edelweiss- It was the same here, and thought it would never end. Today was dry- cloudy, but mostly dry finally. And tomorrow a little sun for that planting!

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