Everything’s Growing

May 17th, 2009

It’s been a busy week, especially with all the rain and thunderstorms but fortunately lots of water and some windblown debris was the only result in our area.  This morning was very cool, waking to temperatures around 42 degrees F.  But the sun is out and the week promises to give us a warming trend.  Grow tomatoes grow!  And everything else too… aside from cutworms chopping off a few beets and pea plants at their base, everything seems to be doing very well.

The sugar peas are already two inches taller than this picture from a few days ago.  They were planted a few weeks late so I’m not sure how long our harvest will be. 


And the potatoes are going crazy- about twice as high as this picture already.  I planted a five pound bag (20+  tubers) of red pontiac seed potatoes… so how much will that make?  With fertilizer and good moisture, I’m hoping we get 40-50 pounds this year.   Do you harvest your potatoes right after the flowers bloom?  Or do you let them grow bigger until the stems wilt in the fall?


The bird life continues to amaze me- this Baltimore Oriole was singing high in the treetops.  They’re usually more bright orange, so I thought the yellowish coloration of this one to be interesting.


And the bluebirds have already fledged their first batch of youngsters- this young bluebird was waiting for mom or pop to come by with a juicy snack. 


Yesterday while cutting down some trees we found two cicadas that had just emerged from the ground.  This one climbed up the outside of a beehive, came out of its pupal shell and sat drying its wings.  If it isn’t eaten by a bird first we may hear it calling high in the treetops next month.  I love how things change and emerge through the seasons.











Other than that, our wayward duck Quackers appears to have left us. He stayed for a couple of weeks and either the thunderstorms ran him off, or maybe my negative duck energy! We’ll see if he shows up…

8 Responses to “Everything’s Growing”

  1. I just love those cicadas… brings back lots of good memories of collecting their shells to throw at my sister… hehe… good thing we get along as adults… :)

    Your bird photos are great! I enjoy the birds so much around here but don’t get good photos of them. Our bluebirds flew away too… but lo-and-behold… today a new bluebird was darting in and out of the other birdhouse. I didn’t expect two batches this year!

    Finally, I love your garden photos. :) I’m actually kind of concerned about my taters… they are putting out so much top growth I fear they might not be doing much below. I always heard (and practiced) you could sneak new potatoes pretty much whenever, but the main crop was dug when the plants started to die back? Last year, mine started dying back around July, I think, so I’m planning to harvest then and turn around and plant the small tubers for a fall crop… that’s the plan anyway. :)


  2. Yesterday, in a flowerbed next to the house, that needed some attention as grass was growin in it, we found bunnies–we’d been seeing a rabbit up around the house and thought she was just eating shurbs and flowers, now we know she was raising her brood near the supermarket. Nice post on the changing of seasons.

  3. R. Sherman

    I haven’t found any cicada husks yet this year. When we were kids, we’d find thousands and decorate or t-shirts with them much to our mothers’ dismay.


  4. Ron- The bluebirds really take off once they like a nest site. I watched a pair feeding, and I couldn’t imagine how many insects they must consume each day. Thanks for the words on the potatoes- I want to let them really grow, so I’ll look towards the end of July and August to dig them up. I didn’t even think of a fall potato crop!

    Sage- That is pretty neat… as long as they aren’t eating the groceries you want! I see one come around the garden- I’m not sure what it’s eating yet. Maybe just taking a good look at the veggies still to come… :)

    R.- Now that’s something I’ll have to show the boy- a cicada shell on a t-shirt. He’ll love it, once he gets over the initial monster bug looking thing crawling up his shirt! I never found many growing up- you must have been in cicada paradise or something :)

  5. beetle_doc

    Interesting you should see the periodical cicadas (Magicicada) this year. I don’t think Missouri is due for an emergence of these species until 2011. This site might be useful.

  6. Hi Beetle Doc- You know, I didn’t really even think about it, except that it seemed early to see two cicadas emerge within the week. But from your link it sounds like the periodical cicadas emerge earlier than annual ones. I’m not sure, but it almost looks like that
    “black W” is outlined in my fuzzy picture? I appreciate the information and link!

  7. Isaiah Budesa

    Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will arrive again again – taking you feeds also, Thanks.

  8. Isaiah- Thanks! And for your visit :)

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