Cartoon Days

June 4th, 2009

Look! It’s a plane! It’s a bird! It’s a…. a…. superfast 8-year old cyclist boy hero racing by at inhuman speeds to save the day!  (Okay, it’s really a blurry picture taken by a Dad who just mashed his camera buttons as his son rode by).  But could it be something else?

There’s no need to fear, Superboy is here!

Speed of lightning, Roar of thunder!
Fighting all who rob or plunder!
Underdog… Underdog!

Memories of growing up, and I loved that cartoon.  With the nation’s older demographics, lots of stores today are marketing copies of  cartoons and tv shows from 30-40 years ago to folks who walk by (like me) with memories flooding back in seconds, and wallets coming out to relive youthful adventures.   Not a bad idea…  and it’s fun to share them with kids today.  Last year our son enjoyed watching Underdog from the ’60’s, while I marveled at how corny it was.

We don’t watch a lot of tv or cartoons, but there are a few cute shows on PBS that the boy enjoys such as Cyberchase and Arthur.  Since we don’t have cable, it’s either PBS or videos (or more often doing real things outside!).   But he loves cartoons, and I can’t blame him- growing up I loved to watch cartoons too.  The saturday morning cartoons are still here too, but they don’t seem quite the same.  That probably just means I’m getting older.

This year I had to share Mr. Peabody and Sherman with him- a cute show with a wacky historical theme from the ’60’s also.   Simpler cartoons, simpler times.   It’s fun sharing nostalgia from the past, like old computer games too from the 1980’s.  Sheesh… the ’80’s seem like yesterday!

Now has anyone seen the one about the turtle and Mr. Wizard?!  I don’t remember what it was called  but when I was little that was one of  my favorites.  This young, curious turtle just had to go on many adventures, always seeming to get himself into a pickle and needing rescued.   I loved the part when the turtle would get in trouble, yelling for help from Mr. Wizard, who would work his magic saying something like, “Trizzle, trazzle, treezle, trome.. time for this one to come home!”  And the turtle would go spinning back in time in a kalaidoscope of color, saved once again by his benevolent magician. 

I said Mr. Wizard’s words to the boy the other day, telling him it was time to come in… he looked at me like I was goofy.   A small privilege of parenthood… you get to act goofy around your kids and relive the times when you were young too.   And we end up having fun and being goofy together.  But he’s getting old enough now that sometimes he looks at me with penetrating eyes and just shakes his head.   We’re still in the cartoon days, but he’s growing up so fast. 


9 Responses to “Cartoon Days”

  1. Ha! That’s a great action shot. :)

    Yeah, Kiddo is starting to think I’m a little immature too. :)


  2. I remember the turtle and Mr. Wizard. I remember being young, too.

  3. Since we too don’t have cable, Little Abbey likes watching Curious George, Clifford and sometimes Caillou. Arthur has never seemed to catch her attention. Since I remember Curious George and Clifford from my childhood, we sometimes watch together.

    Sometimes I think the only reason I had a kid was to relive my childhood. It isn’t true of course but it sure seems like it at times.

  4. R. Sherman

    For me, it was Johny Quest.

    BTW, I’m glad to see there’s someone else who refuses to have cable or satellite.


  5. For me, it was Yogi Bear and Bugs Bunny! Great shot.

  6. Ron- Soon I’m sure I’ll be an embarassment… but it’s fun to be silly now, and maybe we can hold on to some of that!
    Pablo- Hooray! Someone else remembers Mr. Wizard…
    Ed- Ours will still watch those given the chance, and loved them a few years ago. I think his favorite now is Martha Speaks, the talking dog vocabulary show :)
    R.- You know, if I had to pick a handful of favorites, Johnny Quest would be in my top five. I loved that one- adventures throughout the world, science, a cool jet… it was like Clive Cussler for kids! And Speed Racer… always liked that one.
    Sage- Yogi Bear! That’s a great one… with his little friend Boo Boo wasn’t it? Bugs Bunny is timeless.

  7. pamela

    I love the Turtle and Mr. Wizard; I haven’t thought about that show for a kazillion years. I wish I could remember the name of the lion who always said “Exit stage right…..” It’s been running through my head since I started reading your blog, which was a fun blast to the past….except
    ugh.. I hated Johnny Quest and Speed Racer. Maybe I’m just bitter–I was outnumbered by brothers who were so not interested in watching my chosen shows.

  8. Pengalia

    Re: Tooter Turtle and the Wizard [In reply to]


    In Reply To
    ————————————————————This one according to Google——————–

    I also can’t remember on what show Tooter Turtle appeared. I’m thinking it was “The Underdog Show.” Am I right?


    Very close! Actually Tooter Turtle was a featured character on another Total TV series King Leonardo. Tooter’s magical mentor was Mr. Wizard The Lizard.

  9. Pamela- Hooray again for someone else who remembers the little turtle! (I can still hear his voice in my head…”Mr. Wizard! Mr. Wizard!”) Well Johnny Quest and Speed Racer were definitely boy shows- I hadn’t even thought about that before!
    Pengalia- Tooter Turtle!? I didn’t know that was the name- and King Leonardo? Was that the lion? Heck, I didn’t even know Mr. Wizard was a lizard! :)

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