A Soggy End to Spring

June 16th, 2009

Well now. That big wet red spot  has finally passed,  and the sun is shining once again. Everything is like a soggy sponge. And it’s supposed to be 96 degrees on Thursday!   The old timers say that’s Missouri for you- if you don’t like the weather, stick around… it’ll change.  Hope y’all are drying out a little bit.   Can you believe summer arrives this Sunday!?


6 Responses to “A Soggy End to Spring”

  1. Your weather reports make a LOT more sense now that I know your aren’t up by KC. :)

    96 is a bit extreme, but I’ll try not to complain. The warm season stuff would really appreciate some sun for a change!


  2. All those years I wanted wet springs to fill my lake, and now I wish the rain would go away so my lake won’t fill. Ironic.

  3. I have forgotten, is summer the rainy or dry season?

  4. pamela

    Hurray for no rain today! I may have to plant rice or cranberries in these bogs.

  5. R. Sherman

    I keep thinking with these temps and this humidity we’re bound to get more late PM thunderstorms.

    Ed, the answer to your question is “yes.”


  6. Ron- Good point, I hadn’t thought of it that way! But yeah, the eggplant is dropping flowers all over and looking mighty sorry.
    Pablo- That’s pretty funny, if it wasn’t so frustrating I’m sure. It sure looked good in the picture.
    Ed- I’m starting to wonder the same thing! You all have had a bunch too- must be hard on getting crops in the ground. Farmers around here got a good start early before most of the rain. Crops are looking good now except some bottom land flooded out.
    Pamela- Bog is a great word! I’d love to grow cranberries, don’t know about the rice. Saw a frog up by the house in the grass… sitting in it’s own little puddle. “Move along partner…” I said, “This puddle ain’t sticking around!” ‘Least I hope not!
    R.- Hmmm… as I sit here tonight your words are ringing true with thunder in the background. Good thing I got half the grass cut today…

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