Growing Through Summer

June 30th, 2009

What a difference a week makes in the weather- it’s just beautiful out there in the mornings.  The sky is incredibly blue this week, although we need to water to keep the garden growing along.   Aside from moles running willy-nilly throughout the vegetables, everything is doing okay.  It’s even time for the sunflowers- they’re always so cheerful looking when they bloom in early summer.


The japanese beetles are still with us- I won’t show the picture, but we had a totally filled “bag-o-beetles” across the pond.  I moved the traps further away and it has helped keep the numbers down around the house and garden.   Look at this muscadine or wild grape vine- it’s growing on top of a rusty old hay rake, and the little black dots are the beetles just covering it.


The wild elderberry is in full bloom too.  I think the wet spring really helped the elderberries this year, and they’re growing abundantly all along the roadsides.  The berries will be ripe in August and September.


Time to cut more grass too- which is strange because there’s a ton of clover growing and bees all about.  So there I am worrying about running over the bees while they’re trying to gather nectar for honey.  I went in the hives yesterday… lo and behold one of the hives is really building out their frames with honey.  The other hive, not so much.  But since this is our second year, the bees are not only gathering nectar, but they have to build out each frame with wax honeycomb.  It takes time and energy, so there won’t be a lot of honey this year.  But as I pulled apart the supers (boxes of frames), the wax broke in several places with glorious light colored honey pooling on top of the frames.  One of these days very soon…

On a personal note, Mom is eighty years old today- Happy Birthday!  I can only hope to be as strong and healthy… we went blueberry picking the other day, filling up our little buckets.  I really tried hard to put up a nice, clear picture… must be my camera :)


6 Responses to “Growing Through Summer”

  1. You may have said before but where did you get your beetle traps?

  2. Ed- The local farm / feed stores have them, and even a hardware store in town.

  3. Brian

    That’s a nice picture- Happy Birthday to your Mom!

  4. R. Sherman

    Last week, I finally got the Elder son on the lawn tractor and for at least the next four summers, I don’t have to cut grass.


    Happy day to your mom. Mine turns 80 this year, too.


  5. Beautiful and happy birthday to your Mom

  6. R.- Thanks; I’ve got a ways to go for the grass cutting help- but good for your son. I remember as a youngster I couldn’t wait to cut grass … which I later learned wasn’t nearly as much fun as I thought it would be!

    Sage- Thanks!

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