Cool, Calm and Heavenly

July 20th, 2009

Up early this morning after getting back late last week.  It’s 55 degrees out there today!  I think I’m in heaven… July and it feels like October.   The past few days have been extraordinary, and so pleasant.  I know it won’t last, and that’s okay.  We’ll be back to the hot and humid days soon, and that good ‘ole fashioned Missouri summer.

What a treat though- and with all the rain, the grass is still green and lush everywhere.  After cutting for a couple days it’s far more enjoyable than the usual hot, dusty routine.   I think the bees have also benefited from the moisture and cooler weather- the spring and summer “honeyflow” seems to be longer this year in our area.  The dutch white clover has been in bloom for over a month now and the bees are all over the flowers.  

We had a nice trip last week, touching base with aunts, uncles and cousins that I haven’t see in many years- some as long as 30 years ago.  It was fun to hear old family stories, and connect with people that share a bond through generations.   The young one played with other kids and other dogs, we drove through five or six states, ate good food and bad, and generally had a great time.  I was even able to pick up some beekeeping supplies while avoiding shipping costs.  Gas prices weren’t too bad this year compared to last summer either.  So there’s still time for a couple side trips around the state!

Walking around the pond last night, it was so pretty with the yellow-orange sunset and the pond’s surface completely calm. The yellow lab spied another critter along the shoreline… it was our other dog, the shiba.  He decided to go for a swim, and his ears were poking up- it was funny to watch.  The lab whined to join him, but we were heading back in the house for dinner.  “Not this time…” I told him, and he looked at me with pure frustration in his eyes.  Another day fella…  it was a beautiful night.


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  1. Where do you buy your beekeeping supplies? We used to buy ours at Dadant & Sons. Apparently they are still in business.

  2. MObugs41

    This weather has been amazing I must agree. We live in the Northwestern part of the state and it has been wonderful here as well. In fact it has been jacket weather for me in the evenings. I am rather fond of the heat, and my husband is rather partial to this cooler weather. I’ve been considering for over a year now about getting into beekeeping, I read everything I can get my hands on about it and I am truly fascinated by the prospect. I admit to being a bit daunted about the undertaking. My husband will be little to no help as he is afraid of being stung. One of these days, I will get brave enough to do more than just think about it.

  3. My wife told me last night, she could stand Missouri summers if they were all like this past weekend. I think I agree. I keep waiting for Al Gore’s other shoe to drop.


  4. Welcome back from your wanderings. Seems like there has been a blog-shaped hole in the world for a week or so.

  5. Ed- I purchase beekeeping supplies all over… much by catalog- Mann Lake, Brushy Mountain, Dadant, Kelleys. There’s so many now- I drove to a small family operation in Ohio (Blue Sky) and enjoyed meeting the owner while picking things up. Shipping is so expensive these days.
    MOBugs41- I’m with your husband in this weather! Must be beautiful up there right now, although today warmed up quite a bit here. I thought about beekeeping for several years before actually starting… now I’m wondering what I’ve got myself into! Still enjoy it, and I may take off the honey next week… should be exciting for our first real harvest. I’m on my own with them for the most part, but truly a hive or two isn’t too bad or too much as an investment. My bees haved been very gentle- so I’m not sure how I’ll feel if they turn really aggressive. I’ll let you know… ;)
    Randall- That’s pretty funny- and she has a point. Come to think of it, so do you!
    Pablo- Glad to be back… just long enough to traipse around the state a little this week too! If there’s a blog-shaped hole, it wasn’t from me… I’m still hanging on the rim in a little tiny corner! :)

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