Memories of the Moon in 1969

July 20th, 2009

Do you ever tire of looking up at the moon?  I saw it early yesterday morning, rising above the trees- outlined firmly with a bright crescent slice to one side.   I took a few pictures… too juggly to post, but fun to try.  

I watched a little last night about the 40th anniversay of the moon landing.  What an event that was!  Do you remember where you were?  I was a little guy, no older than my son at eight.  We were living in California for a couple years, and I remember all the family were gathered around a small 13 inch black and white television.  Everyone was talking and laughing and I was trying very hard to listen to the narration… and then conversation drifted away, and we all watched in silence as Neil Armstrong took that Giant Leap off the moon lander. 

A great moon landing celebration from Google- You can even explore the moon in Google Earth.


It’s amazing that we haven’t been back, and to me that a lot of folks still think it was all a ruse.  One of my grandmothers didn’t believe it  for an instant that we traveled all the way to the moon.  “Can you imagine!” I still hear her saying, “They say they went and landed on the moon… bah!”   I laughed inwardly at her convictions, and respected her devotion to them.   But I also didn’t doubt that we did land on the moon for a second however, and maybe that was one of my first encounters with an adult disbelieving something about other adults, and that I thought quite rational and nearly self-evident with a little research. 

Apollo 17 was the last manned spaceflight and exploration of the moon in December, 1972.  The crew explored more than 21 miles of the lunar surface, collecting over 100 pounds of moon rocks and spent more than 22 hours on three surface excursions.  It still boggles my mind to think of what we did over 36 years ago- the dreams, the inspiration, the engineering achievements.  The costs are incredible, but then so are the offshoots to my mind. Ten years from now, we may go back to the moon, and the dreams of other generations will be fired once again. 



My favorite moon photo is the famed NASA shot above of the earth hanging in the lunar “sky”… a distant orb of humanity.  If you put yourself there… and dwell for a few moments on the enormity of it all, it is quite humbling.   What must that have felt like to walk on the moon?!  Puts a lot into perspective about this big ball we live on.

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  1. R. Sherman

    Your memories are similar to mine, though I was in CA during 1967-68. I got to go with my Dad to watch Apollo 10 lift off from Kennedy. We sat at 3 miles away with the VIPs. Spiro Agnew was down on the front row. (We were in the nose bleed seats.) Jimmy Doolittle was right in front of us. Very, very cool.

    And also very loud.


  2. I like the majority of Americans, was but a gleam in my parent’s eyes during that event. I never tire of watching the videos and pictures of it though.

    I’ve heard both the Chinese and the Indians have satellites orbiting the moon that have extensively mapped the Apollo landing sites showing the left behind remnants. I guess we have to add the two most populous countries to the list of people being part of the moon hoax conspiracy.

  3. MObugs41

    I do not have any memories to call upon from this monumental event in our history, I was a wee one at barely a year old when this took place. I never failed to believe that we actually landed on the moon, after all it was taught to us and taken for granted to be true. It wasn’t until many years later when all the conspiracy theories surfaced and doubt began to resound in the minds of even those who steadfastly believed their whole adult life that men walking on the moon happened. In our minds it was fact, it was one of those proud moments in US history. I say to the naysayers, let us hold onto our belief in the unbelievable.

  4. Vincent

    I am one of those people that will go ‘Yes, well’ or sometimes ‘Hmmmm’. For me the trips’ the thing not the getting there.
    Anyhow, I feel, like you, it is time to have another go. But before this happens, real work needs to be done in the area of personal consumption of power for home and transport. For like in the seventies, nothing is more guaranteed to halt development that the spectre of impossible prices. Mostly you can have happy feelings towards moon-shots if you can afford to heat your house and get to work.


  5. Randall- That is coincidental about CA… and watching the Apollo launch must have been amazing! Would like to do that one day with a shuttle if they still will launch them…
    Ed- Must be neat to look back though. That’s funny about the other countries, but there’s a lot more space exploration than we think of.
    MOBugs41- I like that… “Belief in the unbelievable…” So much of our lives, dreams and history is unbelievable! :)
    Vincent- Thanks for your comments- you put so well the feelings I really have as well. If we could do that 40 years ago, why can’t we figure out the energy and consumption issues within the nation!?! I agree too… we need to get our ducks in a row first, and then keep exploring. Thanks again-

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