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July 24th, 2009

Oh goodness… feeling guilty about getting things done while wandering around the state a little too this week…  took advantage of a need to repair a vehicle and being half-way to somewhere, and now we ended up in Branson!  Hanging out a state park a few miles from too much color, sound and general reverie- much nicer to relax at the park, but not much less people. Cool water on a hot day is a grand thing however.  Never really been here before- frankly I’m kind of amazed.  Drove through the area 25 years ago, but now it’s much bigger of course.  People say it’s going through a slow spell with the economy and all.  Sure doesn’t look like it.   Seems like everyone decided to take advantage of lower gas prices and get out and about  a little bit.   Hmm… I wonder where a few of my fellow bloggers live in relation to here- it sure is beautiful country. One of these days I’ll really plan a trip somewhere- but spontanaeity is kinda fun too.  I’d show some pictures, but I broke the smaller lens on my camera- so I haven’t used it as much as I’d like.  This summer I’ve managed to break a bunch of stuff… almost a rib the other day as well, ugh!   An old laptop and free wifi is a handy thing… have a great weekend-

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  1. …about 380 miles due north. By the time I get to where you are at, I am almost to the family compound across the border and smelling the proverbial barn.

  2. MObugs41

    I am 4 1/2 hours north of Branson. Just north of where the west really started getting wild…or so our tourism committee billboard tells me.

  3. I wandered across Missouri yesterday–I’d spent the past week at a conference in Kansas City, KS (after 2 weeks in CO and UT)… drove across the northern part of the state and spent a little time in Hannibal, paying homeage to my mentors Tom and Huck.

  4. I’ve only driven through Branson on the way to the Boston Mountains. I know it’s a hotbed for the elderly who enjoy comfort foods and wholesome family entertainment, but for the life of me I can’t understand why/how this resort community spawned there. Yeah, there’s the lake, but there are a lot of lakes in this country.


  5. pamela

    I got stuck in Branson traffic with a cousin once. I was horrified; she did not understand why I found it disturbing. No thank you. Although, I do enjoy the Christmas lights at Silver Dollar City. There isn’t so much traffic then.

  6. Branson! That brings back memories. I’m about 800 miles east of it right now, and haven’t seen it since ’92, but I remember loving Silver Dollar City as a kid — and all the mountain crafts we saw in the area last time. My youngest sleeps under a homemade quilt I bought there in the hope I’d have a daughter someday,one who would like its beautiful appliqued butterflies (she does). Hope you and yours are having a wonderful time and are NOT stuck in traffic.

  7. Ed- Hey, that close? Think I’d rather visit the family place! I’m always amazed at the expanse of some of the valleys in the region.
    MOBugs41- That’s coincidental- we met a family who live up your way! They loved the area and spoke of the Pony Express… wonderful history!
    Sage- The northern tier and Hannibal- that’s great. Just finished reading the Adventures of Tom Sawyer with the young one; We need to make that trip, see the cave and generally soak it in! Did you get to Clemens’ birthplace at Mark Twain Lake? Humble little settlement of Florida and a visitor center- not a big deal, but neat to have gone there.
    Randall- Gray is definitely the pre-eminent hair color. They’re trying to foster a family atmosphere now too- but the lake area is very nice. The trout hatchery was really interesting. I spent a lot of time in the Boston Mtns and greater Ozarks in years past- wonderful region.
    Pamela- I completely understand! We spent some time in that traffic as well, but thankfully they now have several outer roads that you can take for getting around town more quickly. Would like to go back and really visit- we mostly stayed at the lake. Christmas sounds like a good time for a visit as well.
    Edelweiss- We didn’t visit enough of the town, but hope to take in the mountain crafts aspect next time too. We didn’t even get to Silver Dollar City yet, but glad to know it’s worth seeing! We’ve got time… :)

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