Days of Change

August 21st, 2009

A bit of a busy week…  the season of the yellow bus begins again!





We had an enormous series of rainstorms this week too.  Short-lived but pretty intense.  No worse for the wear except for some tree branches on the ground, and it looks like the bees took cover inside their hives.










In garden news, the great squash experiment finally ended with mixed results when I found these little guys crawling around on one.  But most of the squash plants remained critter free this summer while growing next to a patch of Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis). 

This little plant was on the outskirts and the squash bugs were having a feast.  I think it really helps to plant the aromatic herbs and flowers near the vegetables however.   Not to worry in this case… the bugs received a bubble bath in return!










The days are growing shorter, and everything is changing once again. Summer flew by too fast, and the afternoon light through the trees has that end of summer charm, beckoning of autumn. Not yet! I’m not ready…

5 Responses to “Days of Change”

  1. After getting use to summer days when it’s light till 10 PM, the days have shortened and it’s dark before 9… but school doesn’t start until after Labor Day. Nice pics.

  2. pamela

    Around here it already feels like fall. We had a fire pit going at a party last night, and some of the kids were wrapped in a giant blanket to escape the chill. Even though it feels like the summer flew past too quickly, I love our changing seasons.

  3. I adore fall! I love early fall as much as I love late fall. If the whole year could be fall, I would love it. The only thing I love more than fall is… hmm, collecting tiger beetles in the fall!

  4. This past week, every time I dedicated for getting the grass cut turned into monsoon season. I’ve got a hayfield now, and I’m not sure my tractor can handle it. Where has the summer gone?



  5. Sage- I forgot how late the day stays bright further north- we’re getting dark now before 8 pm!
    Pamela- I love the seasons too… fall especially. A fire pit sounds fun on a cool night.
    Beetles- Ha! I’m the same way… I almost don’t like admitting it, because spring is awesome too. But fall gets my vote- I don’t know why but it just brings out feelings of fresh, vibrant days and its fun wandering through forests.
    Randall- It really was a wet week. At least the growth should be slowing down a little… I’m ready for a cutting break too!

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