Late Summer Ramblings

August 25th, 2009

The mornings have been crisp and cool, and autumn is right around the corner.  Just the right temperature for getting work accomplished outdoors… which I keep adding to my list.  “I should really be working on that…”  I muse as I wander around admiring the landscape.  The days are still warm yet and this day lily is the last for the year… a solitary figure among the hundreds having already bloomed in July.


The young boy found this little guy along the driveway.  This is the last milkweed plant we’ve seen around the house, and this lucky monarch larva found it all to itself, perhaps being one of the last around here as well.  Could its luck continue to become a beautiful butterfly that migrates south for winter?


The rich green colors of summer are still with us, and everything feels so much closer and well, cozy perhaps compared to the open landscapes of winter.  Rain came through one afternoon last week, dappling the pond with raindrops, and breaking up the reflections of the trees on the surface of the pond.   The old Burt Dow Boat is still hanging on…  and I like filling it with petunias every year.  Behind it I planted a river birch which will overshadow it one day.    And to the left a small austrian pine grows- hopefully to provide a screen and some protection for the bees behind the picture up the hill.  


Several of the oak trees have died, and the big trunk/log laying in front of the rowboat has been cut up.  The boy and I moved it up the hill behind the barn this past weekend,  round-by-round in a bucket of the tractor.   We missed one… probably more than 100 pounds, and it rolled down the hill making a big Splash! in the pond.  The boy loved that, jumping and clapping, and I still haven’t figured out how I’ll get it out without getting wet.  I may have to give it a name as it floats around the pond…  now where did it go?

5 Responses to “Late Summer Ramblings”

  1. R. Sherman

    Did you have problems with Japanese Beetles this year? They took out one of my plum trees completely and another about 50 percent. They’ve finally disappeared, but I don’t think I can handle another summer of those.


  2. It’s kind of sad in a way to see trees around the homestead go away. All the original trees around my parents house have perished except for one remaining locust but it too is looking sickly these days. But it is nice to see a new tree now 30 to 40 feet tall and remember the day you helped plant it.

  3. Vincent

    That little Skiff looks downright dangerous. I suspect it is just as well it was like lead for your teen arms

  4. Randall- Yes, ugh! The japanese beetles were really pesky here also this year. I put out a few traps and they filled up quickly… this was our third heavy (increasing) year for them.
    Ed- Well said… I’ve planted a few dozen saplings, and when I look around I see more mature trees that will die over the next decade. That’s neat that you have that experience and perspective.
    Vincent- You’re right, that tiny boat wasn’t very safe, even when it was in good shape!:)

  5. Love your descriptions of your homestead, it sounds so peaceful.

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