Cool An’ Green An’ Shady

September 9th, 2009


Taken a couple of weeks ago in August, on a warm day and a quiet, lazy afternoon- the boy said it looked like a mirror. Still kinda like that, peaceful and calm, with cooler days now… brings me back to John Denver’s “Cool An Green An Shady”…

Those nothin’ much to do days are getting harder to find… 

3 Responses to “Cool An’ Green An’ Shady”

  1. Never thought I would say this when growing up he was uncool to like, but I miss John and wonder what new music he would be singing these days were he still alive.

  2. Lovely. Thanks for the treat! I had never heard this one, although with Coloradans in the family have heard my share of John Denver.

  3. Ed- Funny, but most people loved his music, even if they didn’t admit it. Saw him in concert once- he was amazing.
    Edelweiss- I remember he was sooo popular in Colorado, just an incredible artist.

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