Seems Like Yesterday

September 11th, 2009


Has it been eight years?  I was awakened near midnight, half a world away. Within 24 hours we were in the South China Sea heading toward the Strait of Malacca. The next three months were spent a few miles off the coast of Somethingstan Afghanistan. No contact with home. Strange folks coming and going… whatever we could do, we did.  Caught glimpses of the news in the States, and shared tears for those lost and remembered.  It seems like yesterday.

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  1. Indeed…

  2. R. Sherman

    Thanks for your service. Some of us will never forget.

  3. Someday you’ll have to tell us more about those days. It must have been hard to be so far from home when everything was so uncertain.

  4. Vincent

    It a bit worrying, Sailor, that you think Afghanistan has a coast.
    But is it not amasing that in such a short time, you were steaming to take up posture. Granted in the direction you were going, the bet was very certain on the colour if not the exact number on the wheel.
    And getting you out of Harbour is the default Order since Pearl.
    I do not get the no contact, for very soon, hours, it was known it was a terror attack.

    And yes it does seem like yesterday, but what went before it seems a very very old.

  5. It is a bit worrying isn’t it?… my mind knowing one thing, but writing the other because that’s where they were… as real as it still seems- eyes farther away, seeing through one place.

  6. You’ll have to tell us more about your experiences… It doesn’t seem to have been 8 years–In previous anniversaries I wrote about the tragedy.

  7. Vincent

    Not really, Beau. But at the moment we have a bloody nightmare. For the past number of years, the production of the poppy has not carried the results to the ‘market’. It is rekoned that there are thousands of pounds of resin stored. If they can get that hellish substance moving there will not be a City, Town or Village safe. I had hoped that one of the natural side effects would have been the drastic reduction of drug imports.

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