September 12th, 2009


I watched them for a time, wandering the edge of the pond. I think I’ll remember this, years from now.

8 Responses to “Pondering”

  1. pamela

    I imagine you’ll treasure this and a kazillion other ordinary memories forever. It’s funny how quickly my mind can zoom back to exciting adventures my kids had decades ago. Unfortunately for them I can also remember a few naughty incidents, which will make tremendous stories for the grandboys. Aah, sweet revenge.

  2. pamela

    And congratulations to you for recognizing now that it’s the everyday things that make the best memories.

  3. R. Sherman

    I love the photo. The viewer ponders what the two of them are thinking yet doesn’t want to intrude upon the privacy of their moment together.


  4. Nice image

  5. Awww. You should have that framed, it’s something any dad could look at proudly every day.

  6. That’s excellent. I bet you’ll remember it!

  7. what a beautiful picture and memory.

  8. Pamela- That’s cute about stories you can tell grandkids. It is nice to appreciate the little things.
    Randall- I wondered what they were thinking…
    Sage Thanks!
    Edelweiss- That’s a great idea.
    Warren- So many things to remember aren’t there?
    Chook- Thanks too :)

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