Summer’s End, Changing Seasons

September 19th, 2009

The mornings are becoming so much cooler… around 50 degrees F.   It’s so refreshing, but a bit too dry, as we’ve had little rain for the past month.  Many leaves from shrubs and trees are dropping early from the lack of water, so it’s time to make the rounds again with the big water barrel in the cart as a little insurance for those favored landscape plants.  

That includes the garden of course… and the first beans are ready to eat!  I planted the seeds around the first week of August;  hopefully we’ll get nearly a month from them before the first killing frost.


I was impressed with the huge blooming Sweet Autumn Clematis this year. It was fairly small in previous years but I trailed some branches with a string guide up high on the little red garden shed. It was so fragrant!  The bees covered the flowers for a few days at their peak.


The most prolific flowers for us in September are those in the goldenrod and aster family. They grow everywhere with many varieties, including these spires nearly five feet tall. I haven’t seen the bees working the goldenrod feverishly yet, which means they are still finding asters and other wildflowers they like better.   


This time of year also produces a bit of sneezing and itchy eyes, and I always thought goldenrod contributed to that. But upon further research the pollen from goldenrod is generally not airborne, and is too large to really affect people. It’s actually the ragweeds and asters that have the most airborne pollen that ends up in my nose and eyes while outdoors! Who called them sneezeweeds? They certainly are…

Here we are at the end of summer, and I still feel like there’s so much to do!  I managed to pick the last of the elderberries I could find last week, bugs, spiderwebs and all.  This cluster had some incredibly large berries- in the freezer they went, soon to make some jam and jelly.


I’m thankful we can still enjoy these warm days. The season’s changes are fast upon us, with new colors, sights and sounds. I saw a small flock of nighthawks moving south, and a duck on the pond the other day. The vultures have gathered in flocks too for their own small migration. The barn swallows left last week… one day they were chasing insects around the tractor while I cut grass, and the next they were nowhere to be seen. The leaves are almost gone from the walnut trees now, and acorns are dropping all around us with squirrels racing around the oak trees…

9 Responses to “Summer’s End, Changing Seasons”

  1. I am jealous of your cool mornings. It’s been very rainy and humid here. I like your blog. Very pretty pictures.

  2. Vince

    It just may be the Clematis you are having an issue.

  3. Today was the first day I felt compelled to put on a fleece before enjoying my morning coffee on the front porch. I’m still wearing shorts, but not for long, I suspect.


  4. These cooler days mean no more swimming for me in the lake. (Well, I could go swimming, but, you know.)

  5. It was a good year from our climatis too which reached the top of our garden shed after three years of trying. It didn’t help that I accidentally cut it a couple years ago so that it had to start over.

    This is my favorite time of the year for all the reasons mentioned above. There is just so much to experience.

  6. Imetam- Thanks for your kind words- I’m so glad we’re out of the humid temps…
    Vince- I had never thought of that, but you may be right. Of course I took a few deep, fragrant breaths from those flowers…
    Randall- I always love it when I can bring the jackets and flannel shirts out again… along with that cup of coffee!
    Pablo- Sure might be a bit chilly… :) the boy wouldn’t mind, although seeing a 2-3 foot snapping turtle made him think twice this summer.
    Ed- You certainly had the rain for things to grow…

  7. pamela

    Your clematis is spectacular. I need to get to my mom’s house and gather some plants before my brothers destroy it. My dad is needing a bit of help with his yard this year, but those boys just don’t understand the magic of autumn clematis. Silly them.

  8. Wish I could swap a day of our rain for your dry; we are flooding down here! I don’t remember the last day it did not rain. that’s about the way it goes though! Either too much or not enough.

  9. Pamela- Oh yes, get some of that plant! It’s not only that it’s beautiful, but yours will have family memories to go along with it :)
    Annie- I spoke too soon it seems, huh? I’ve read about your flooding… hope all stays dry for you.

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