Flowers, Veggies and Doggy Noses

September 24th, 2009

A steady, gentle rain today, and gives one time to catch up on a few things.  I want to take a minute to thank everyone for visiting (and commenting) here at Fox Haven.  Writing, blogging, whatever you call this form of expression…. it gives us a chance to “think out loud” perhaps, and reach out to folks in a different way.  That’s not my intent per se, but I’ve really come to enjoy this little part of our world.  I know there are always a lot more people browsing or lurking a bit, and I understand that very well. I tend to lurk on other blogs and sites far more than commenting too it seems.

In some ways,  reading and commenting on a blog on a regular basis is like investing some part of yourself, or sharing who you are a bit as well.  Is it a risk for some people?  Maybe too personal?  I don’t know, but I know it’s hard at times when a blog disappears for unknown reasons and we wonder where those good folks have gone.  Change and a shift of focus is understandable in anyone’s life though.   Sometimes we face challenges that are difficult to write about, or not shared with our readers, or we simply need a break.  I wonder who could qualify as the longest writing blogger?!

Maybe we feel that we’re only showing half the picture of our real lives, or we wonder what’s the point?  Honestly I don’t know that there is any point, at least for me, beyond keeping a journal of our lives and examining aspects of ourselves that perhaps could be shared later on.  It doesn’t really matter- I enjoy writing and sharing pictures, and hope that others enjoy it too.   When it comes right down to it, I would like to think that what most people write and share about their lives is a lot closer to who they really are.   So with that, I just want you to know that you are welcome here any time, and I appreciate how many of you do take the time to come by… :) 

Meanwhile, back on our weedy acreage (the weeds are stiffly standing their ground against my efforts!) I’m still mucking about pruning, cutting, planting, ripping things out and generally trying to keep ahead of nature’s efforts.  If I strike a balance, then I’ll call it a victory… but there’s always something else to do.  Just as with rainbows there are moments of beauty all around us though.  These perennial asters get my vote for flowers of the month- they seem to get bigger every year, and the honeybees enjoy them too.


Near the house I planted a couple of Burkwood Viburnum shrubs a few years ago. They’ve finally settled in and are covered with nice red berries this year.  In the spring they have the most fragrant white flower clusters- it’s really amazing, but such a sweet fragrance only blooms for a few days it seems.  The birds will certainly enjoy the little fruit this winter.


Yesterday was a misty morning with dew hanging everywhere, including this spider’s web. There are so many spiders about now, their webs even gather in your hair when you least expect it!


Contrasts are always interesting, and a few days ago I stared at the walnut tree standing tall against the stormy sky.  What a stark picture it made with leaves mostly gone yet the nuts still hanging on.  As I looked I felt a small chill… so gray and dark!  It almost seemed a portent of the coming winter. Brrr…



But then I smiled and thought, “No you don’t!  Winter is months away!” remembering we have many warm days yet to come.   And the garden is still growing too.  We’ve got all kinds of veggies on hand, and too many cucumbers to keep up with. 

Yesterday I set a bowl of mixed vegetables on the ground and the dogs ran up… Kuma, our little Shiba Inu to the right, and the namesake icon for Fox Haven (little does he know!).  To his left is the protruding nose of Justin, our elderly Basset Hound. The yellow lab was standing off to the side looking like, “Me to! I want some!” but he must wait his turn. Actually I didn’t give the vegetables to the dogs, but do you see the one thing that doesn’t belong in the bowl?  There were two of them… and that’s what the dogs were really after!


I love the fall season so much, even if I’m still playing catch-up around the house.  I’ve let some of the hedgerows and borders grow more this year, and these deep yellow blooms of goldenrod were the result. This honeybee worked the flowers vigorously, with a red Knockout rose in the background.


The leaves on the trees have even begun turning now… with the first yellows and browns at the tops.  Those of you further north must be ahead of us by now.  In a few weeks we’ll see the blazing variety of colors and watch leaves sailing through the air.  Almost as if to join the change of the seasons, our young one has a birthday this weekend.  He’s growing up so fast.  That will be an interesting conjunction as he grows older, to feel the change of the seasons of his own life, as part of the world around him too.   Soon we’ll be out catching the falling leaves, and jumping in leaf piles.   It’s time… Autumn is here.

16 Responses to “Flowers, Veggies and Doggy Noses”

  1. In the five plus years I’ve been at blogging, I’ve seen a lot of blogs disappear. However, the one I’ve missed the most is Ron’s blog. But I’ve met lots of good people, many of whom I would like to meet with someday because I know we would get along like peas in a pod. I think that is the real beauty of blogging, finding others like yourself.

  2. It is a nice time of year–when hiking, you always knew you were the first on the trail in the morning if you were collecting spiderwebs!

  3. I always enjoy coming here, and am grateful you continue to blog. So many of your thoughts concur with my own, and the photos bring me a lot of happiness. I hunger for nature so often where I am living now; we are in the inner suburbs, and while there are many advantages to living here, it is only seldom that I see a butterfly or an unusual wildflower. It helps to have a window into nature like yours.

    Happy birthday to your boy this weekend! He is growing up fast.

  4. Beau: What GREAT pictures! My favorite picture is the black and white picture of the walnut tree. I have one in my back yard, black walnuts, so if you miss any because of squirrels, let me know and I’ll send you a bushel. I watched the squirrels picking them off the tree and hiding them in my flower bed behind the house. I also watched one of the squirrels try to get the remaining sunflower seeds from directly behind by bee hive. It went into a frenzied dance and took off running. Apparently he was a little too close to my girls — and they let him know in no uncertain terms that he needed to go. And he did. All my best! -Mark

  5. Eeeeww! your dogs don’t actually eat those hornworms, do they?! eeeww. I just love that little fox-looking dog; so cute.
    I have wondered many times why and what compels me to blog and I guess it is just the need to connect to like-minded people. I realize I have made some true friends and it fascinates me that the human spirit will reach out and desire to be a part (even if a small part) of other’s lives. Especially when, in some cases, you never even see the blogger’s face. Even though I am much better socially than I used to be, I still often feel shy and inhibited in person but blogging let’s me feel freer. People can participate in my world if they wish and I don’t feel that I am coming on too strong or whatever. Sorry to ramble on! but then, discussion is part of it!

  6. Gosh…the spam question nearly required all of my fingers to answer! Anyhow, I enjoy blogging also and think reading others’ blogs is a ton of fun too…but I don’t know why. I have never personally met a single person whose blog I read, but many feel like family nontheless. It’s a strange world I guess, but so interesting. It’s easy to get attached to interesting stories I guess…anyhow, thanks for your work!

  7. Happy Birthday to the young one!

    (I miss Ron’s blog too. But it’s his life and his decision. I just hope he’s well and happy.)

  8. Ed- Five years is a good while in the blogging world. Great comment about “meeting” people through the blog- maybe someday. And yeah, Ron we miss ‘ya!
    Sage- I didn’t even think of that, but it’s so true :)
    Edelweiss- Thank you; It’s so neat that we can share aspects of our lives and world with others! I was at his school looking at the kindergartners yesterday… I swear he was never that little!
    Mark- That is sooo funny about the squirrel. You would think he’d know better!
    Annie- Um, well… yes. They like those green gooey things, for whatever reason. Yuck. The lab even sniffs them out on his own! Great comments though- you’ve said much about how I feel too.
    Warren- I know what you mean- it amazes me, especially when everyone’s so busy these days.
    Pablo- Thanks! (and yes…)

  9. Vincent

    we’ve just had the last of the Swallows, and where last week at eight pm I could see the hound at almost any distance, this week one could not see her at ten feet.
    On this side, we do not have a Autumn/ Fall as such, nor a Spring for that matter. All the seasons meld together. Some day I hope to see the seasons change in your dramatic way.

  10. R. Sherman

    It looks like we’ve reached the tipping point for fall/winter. It seems the older I get, the faster the summers go.


  11. pamela

    Like Eidelweiss, I enjoy visiting your blog. I enjoy not only your subjects but the manner in which they’re presented.
    I’m right there with you in the autumn fan club. There is something rewarding in every season, but fall is so energizing. I relish everything about the season- the colors, the temperature, the holiday preparations, the fact that biting insects will soon be gone- everything.
    Happy birthday to your little one- I hope he had a great day.

  12. I am not, not, NOT ready for fall. There is so much left to do before the famous Pacific Northwest rains start and don’t stop again till next July…sigh.

    Great post! Kim

  13. Vincent- The last of the swallows… ours left a few weeks ago too. We’ll try to share some of our color with you here :)
    Randall- Isn’t that the truth!? I’m working hard to notice and enjoy just as much along the way…
    Pamela- Thanks, and to the young one! I think it’s his favorite time of the year too…
    Kim- That was me a few weeks ago… Alas, I gave in, finally, completely – and today was crisp, sunny and breezy.. and I loved it. I had forgotten about your rain- it must make summer all the sweeter.

  14. I’m a few days behind reading blogs. lol

    I enjoy reading blogs as well as blogging. I must admit, I’m not always the best at leaving comments on blogs nor responding to comments on my blog. I’m trying to be better. :)

    I am ready for Autumn. I am tired of warm, humid weather. It was nice, sunny and breezy today. Now if the temps will drop another 10 degrees, I’ll be one very happy lady!

    I love your photos. I have to confess my favorite is of the doggy noses and veggies. Such a great shot!

  15. I love asters! And you know, asters, mums and goldenrod really get the bees through the fall and into the winter so your weedy acres are certainly a help to them!

  16. Monte

    Alas, it has been a while since I visited your site and read any of yoru blogs. I can tell that you love your “haven” and enjoy working in it. I really enjoyed the read on your shed. I never figured you for the carpenter type (I suppose that I was wrong).

    If you ever decide to come back to Arkansas, stop by Devil’s Den and visit with your old hunting / swimming friend.


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