Bright, Beautiful Morning

October 10th, 2009

Mr. Weatherman, I watched you last night and you didn’t mention frost!  Our average is mid-October, so this is close enough to be sure. But we’ve never seen frost so early, and the forecast had temps around 38-40 F.  Well, we bordered 32-33 degrees this morning, with frost all around. Thankfully the ground was still warm enough in many areas to protect a few plants, but our car mirror and windows were covered in icy-frozen water drops. It’s too early!


I see that tonight’s forecast has changed, with the low around 29 degrees F. That means we need to move and cover a few plants, and say goodbye to the beans, cucumbers, tomatoes and squash.  Harumph!  I hoped for a couple more weeks of fresh veggies…

We did awake to sunshine as a bright welcome after so much rain.  It’s going to be a beautiful, busy day!


7 Responses to “Bright, Beautiful Morning”

  1. R. Sherman

    Earliest frost in a long time. I expect an early hard freeze, as well, which undoubtedly will cause me to send snarky e-mails to Al Gore and company.


  2. I love the first hard freeze of the year–that’s the sign to stop snorting stuff up my nose (legal stuff, mind you) to keep my sinuses free. We’ve been down to 30 a couple of times and it’s suppose to frost again tonight.

  3. Randall- Sure makes you wonder! This has been a strange September/October combination…
    Sage- I understand your sentiment completely! Pollen and dust drives me crazy too… and now the air is becoming clear and fresh… aaahhh. :)
    Looks like we survived the cooler temps and did not get that hard freeze. Maybe a few more fresh veggies yet!

  4. This perfectly illustrates my wimpiness! I am still wearing short-sleeves thank you very much!

    Get ready for hibernation friend…it’s coming soon I think!

  5. Ed

    Frost, I was prepared for but not the snow that we got on Saturday.

    Although my flop of a garden this year produced quite a few late peppers, my three tomatoes that made it, didn’t quite make it. I had one just starting to turn slightly. Next year, I hope to make amends.

  6. WOW! Frost? Its hard to imagine frost already, but the weather has been crazy everywhere. We’re back to the 80s some days.

    Next thing you know, you guys will be building snow men and snow women!


  7. Warren- I’m afraid you’re right… and I’m wandering around in a t-shirt in defiance!
    Ed- Wow, snow?! Well at least the season has begun for you… we won’t get snow until November, and usually only one or two light dustings. Now watch what happens :o
    Mark- Yes, and I’m scrambling to help the bees. What should have been a month of 70 degree temps has been around 50!

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