Changes in Autumn

October 14th, 2009

I hope it’s warm and/or sunny somewhere else, because it sure hasn’t been here the past couple of days! To be fair we had a beautiful Sunday last weekend and those are the pictures I’ll share today.

The leaves are changing now everywhere.  It seems so gradual at first, and then before you know it the colors are everywhere. The walnut and ash trees have dropped most of their leaves, but the oaks and maples are hanging on for a colorful bouquet.  We’re saying farewell to the green and I’ll share the colors as I can the next few weeks.


The oaks transition to a beautiful red leaf color- sometimes it’s very dark, but when the afternoon sun highlights the landscape the leaves almost glow and shimmer.


I love seeing the oak trees surrounding the pond, especially bathed in sunlight on a quiet afternoon.  They look majestic and timeless, with the reflections giving such depth to the landscape.  I sat near the edge of the pond and breathed deeply as the light faded, thinking about things.  Mostly nothings… 


* * *

Over the summer a Gray Treefrog (Hyla chrysoscelis or versicolor) took up residence in a birdhouse on my Mom’s porch.  She said it hung out everyday, peeping out the little entrance hole. 


Sometimes it could be found near or under a chair cushion. At one point there were a bunch of smaller bright green treefrogs, so it looks like a family of treefrogs grew and enjoyed this little homemade habitat. I finally came by with my camera and the frog gladly stayed in its pose for a picture. I wonder where they will go for the winter…

6 Responses to “Changes in Autumn”

  1. Beautiful pics there…it looks wonderful!

  2. Ed

    How in the world does the frog make it into the hole? Can they stick to the wood and crawl up?

  3. R. Sherman

    I continue to bask vicariously in the glory of your pond.


  4. LOL! Boy, that little frog was steppin’ in high cotton! the heck with those trees, I gots me a HOUSE!

  5. pamela

    He probably has a condo in Florida. Nice photos.

  6. Warren- Thanks! Isn’t the fall season wonderful!?
    Ed- I have no idea… I would like to have seen that!
    Randall- Then maybe I’ve accomplished one of my goals… to share a little of this beautiful llandscape with everyone.
    Annie- You sure do! :)
    Pamela- Ha! Cute…

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