Sunny Halloween

October 31st, 2009

The sun is shining again!  Hooray for sunny days!  Okay, I’m a little excited after weeks of rain, and it looks like next week will bring us more warmth and sunshine.   At dawn the sun rises just enough to paint the top of the trees.  It’s an amazing time of the day, and the birds and squirrels are flitting all about looking for breakfast.


Today is a day for young and old alike, with special treats and spooky nights!   We cheated a little while camping last weekend… many folks decorated their campsites in full Halloween dress and the kids went all around for an early trick or treat.   I was amazed at some of the displays people set up for a day or two!


They had all kinds of festivities that day and we were even tricked (!) into adopting a beautiful young creature that needed a home… she’s only 7 months old and decided to dress up for Halloween too.  Say hello to Tootsie!


Back home the old basset hound was not very impressed with our new friend.  Of course at nearly 12 years who can fault him for a nap or two?


The last of the autumn colors are coursing through the treetops.   We are moving from the reds, oranges and yellows to the deeper burgundy and browns. 


 The trees are losing much of their leaves now, and the woods look  more open.   I just appreciate this time of year with all the colors, the falling leaves, the wind…    Once we dry out a little it will be time for a few leaf piles!


Hopefully the warming sun will let the bees fly about now and find the last remnants of pollen or nectar from the flowering plants.  With all the rain I saw some new goldenrod and asters appearing in some of the fields.   

Happy Halloween!


11 Responses to “Sunny Halloween”

  1. Happy Halloween! After the wind and rain of the past few days, our trees are now bare

  2. Looks like we’re in for a week of sunny, mild days. I could use them!

    Glad the Boy gets a warm, dry Halloween. Wish him well for me!

  3. Happy Reformation Day, as well! I actually enjoyed my morning coffee wearing shorts and a sweat shirt while sitting on my porch in the sun. Marvelous!

  4. Vincent

    Odd but on this side of the Atlantic we had a very good day also. To be held in vast contrast with the 48 hours prior when the streams and rivers burst their banks so much water fell from the sky.
    The temperature is crazy mad for the time of year, between 14C and 17C, when in a normal year growth of anything other that hardy weeds would have halted once the temp’ hit about 5C. A very good summers day might get to 25C.
    Do you have bobbing for apples in a basin of water. A variation is with coins. As kids, myself and my cousins -Mother from Illinois- had wholesome fun at that game and the one where the apple is suspended from the ceiling on a thread. The only fly in the ointment was the cousin with the jaw that opened much like a dredger.

  5. Ed

    What a front. As it moved through, we had substained 40 mph winds up here. The trees on our block went from color to bare limbed in a matter of a day, all except the large black oak in my front yard which still has all its leaves.

    I am looking forward to the week of sunshine too, and though I hate to say it, the longer daylight in the evenings.

  6. hi tootsie! your colors are very appropriate for this time of the year.


  7. Sage- Trees are bare… I’m not ready for winter!!!
    Pablo- It was a fun day and evening, thanks!; I’m also soooo glad for the sunny forecast :)
    Randall- Thanks too! I’m with you on the early am coffee…
    Vincent- That is strange, and a coincidence! You are much cooler all around… We used to do bobbing for apples, but with the flu and all, folks are much more reluctant now. That may be a thing of the past… I can only imagine that gaping jaw… what a picture!
    Ed- We had tons and tons of water, but not so much wind, thankfully. That’s how I lost a couple trees last year. Interesting about the black oak holding its leaves? I think it’s darker earlier here.. I always mix that up, but it sunset came quickly today!
    Chook- We almost called her “Weenie”…

  8. Ed

    I mix it up all the time too which is exactly what I did when I wrote that. I woke up this morning and it was light out and realized my mistake.

  9. Ed- Personally I prefer the longer evening light… more time to do fun stuff at home and outdoors!

  10. Great pics, Beau! You’re in a fall wonderland there too. Love the colors of fall, the oranges and yellows — and of course pumpkins to top it all off.

    And today was a beautiful day finally — after about a week of rain and clouds — the yellowjackets were out in full force at my hummingbird feeder.

    This bumping the clock back an hour has thrown my whole system out of whack though. It will take a few days.

  11. pamela

    Lucky you and lucky Tootsie. She looks like our Rose, who lived to be quite elderly and was such a character.

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